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Get EtherBADGE and Vehicle Spy X for $100

August 16, 2021

For limited time, buy our new EtherBADGE and one year subscription to Vehicle Spy X software for only $100 USD.

The EtherBADGE​ is a low-cost tool for learning In-Vehicle Networking. It supports Automotive Ethernet, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, as well as analog inputs and digital outputs on a single device.  All of these networks and I/O can be controlled by the complimentary one year subscription of Intrepid’s powerful Vehicle Spy X – our cross-platform vehicle network software for Automation, Python, and AUTOSAR. You can also control the badge using our Intrepid’s open-source APIs.

The EtherBADGE contains 8x analog inputs (6x 0-5V analog channels, 1x integrated potentiometer, 1x integrated temperature sensor) It can also drive 7x on-board LEDs to simulate load activation, as well as having 4x discrete 5V outputs to drive external loads.

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