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neoVI RED 2

Multi-Protocol Vehicle Interface, Gateway, Stand-Alone Data Logging, & Remote Data Logging

Now available in three different configurations (adjustable via firmware):

  • neoVI RED 2-8 – 8x CAN/CAN FD, 2x LIN with 8x software enable CAN termination 
  • neoVI RED 2-4 – 4x CAN/CAN FD, 2x LIN with 4x software enable CAN termination
  • neoVI RED 2-2 – 2x CAN/CAN FD, 2x LIN with 2x software enable CAN termination

The neoVI RED 2 combines the best of vehicle network interfaces with the Linux embedded operating system. The result is a solution unparalleled in capability with support for multiple network interfaces, standalone data logging and wireless data logging.

The neoVI RED 2 Series has up to eight dual wire CAN FD channels, two LIN channels, and two Gigabit Ethernet channels. The neoVI RED 2 fills the need for multiple protocol tools with a low-cost, high-value vehicle bus interface that fits in your backpack.


  • Option for 2, 4 or 8x DW CAN / CAN FD channels
  • Up to 8x software enabled CAN termination
  • 2x LIN channels
  • 4x General Purpose MISC IO
  • 1x DoIP activation line
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) for use with DoIP, XCPoE and more
  • 10x Programmable tri-color LEDs
  • 2x full-size SD cards for up to 4 terabytes(Up 2 x 2 TB SD Cards) of storage with support for SD 3.0 with 800 Mbps logging performance
  • Remote and wireless standalone data logging capability
  • External modem support (RAD-4G)
  • All data can be time-aligned and uploaded to Wireless neoVI
  • Real Time Clock for hardware timestamping of all messages and backup at 25ns
  • Internal dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n Wifi, Secure Bluetooth SPP, and Bluetooth BLE with software selectable internal or external antenna
  • Membrane LEDs to show link, error, and activity status
  • Membrane Buttons to control trigger data logger
  • Absolute orientation sensor combining accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer
  • Internal extended temperature battery for safe shutdown
  • High precision GPS with external GPS antenna
  • Vehicle battery level wakeup
  • Buzzer
neoVI RED 2


  • Standalone data logger
  • Remote data logging with auto-download via Wi-Fi, 4G or Ethernet
  • Data logger with auto-download via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Standalone ECU or vehicle simulator
  • In-vehicle data acquisition system
  • Captive test fleet data collection
  • Fleet management
  • Vehicle interface with J2534 and RP1210

Standalone Logging, Scripting, and Simulation

In addition to working as a PC interface, the neoVI RED 2 can operate in standalone mode. It can run real-time scripts, log data to two removable full-size SD cards, and simulate ECUs and gateways. With these features, it is also possible to run a script to reflash ECUs using data from the SD card.

The neoVI RED 2 is capable of logging to two full-size SD cards, using real-time, fail-safe FAT32 storage for reliability and PC compatibility.

The neoVI RED 2 also has a real-time clock for hardware timestamping of all messages. A robust power management system automatically powers down the neoVI RED 2 and it wakes up again based on network activity or the connection of a PC.

Send Configurations or Scripts and Manage Data Remotely via Wireless neoVI

Remotely send a data logger configuration or script from Vehicle Spy to neoVI RED 2 through Wireless neoVI, a website that provides fleet and data management to a fleet of vehicles. Get the latest GPS locations, automatic data downloads, and automatic export of data in required format.

Wireless neoVI Software Features:

  • Remotely capture and download data logging file
  • Remotely activate, deactivate, and reprogram data loggers
  • Remotely post-process multiple sets of data
  • Run on Intrepid’s servers or independently on your own
  • Control loggers from a web portal on your PC or mobile device
  • Manage your fleet with automated on-demand reporting, dynamic issues management, and vehicle management for the transportation and construction industries
  • Track your fleet with geo-fencing, location reporting, and historical GPS reports

The Power of Scripting – CoreMini

If you need to support a proprietary protocol, set up a simulation to run in parallel with the data logger, or any other custom action, the system offers a scripting environment for you to expand the base functionality to fit your unique needs. This makes the entire system very flexible and adaptable.

Remote Connectivity and GPS Location

The neoVI RED 2 provides several ways of connecting remotely: external 4G data modem (RAD-4G), onboard dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi, Secure Bluetooth SPP, and Bluetooth BLE. In addition, the neoVI RED 2 has a 10 Hz GPS accurate to within 2.5 meters. GPS is provided both as a fleet management tool and within the data logging session for correlating location to your test data.

Logging While Downloading from Massive On-Board Memory

With the power of Linux embedded operating systems, data can be downloaded without interrupting or slowing down acquisition. The neoVI RED 2 has two full-size SD cards for up to 4 terabytes of storage with support for SD 3.0 with 800 Mbps logging performance, enabling you to capture on the order of hundreds of billions of messages! This means that you won’t have to worry about losing data when you are in an area with no wireless coverage, or if you have a network outage.

Create Your Application Using the Included Intrepid API

For those who wish to write their own applications, the neoVI RED 2 includes supports SocketCAN Kernel, Intrepid open source API on GitHub (libicsneo and python_ics) and neoVI DLL with helpful examples for Visual C++, C#, Visual Basic.

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