Intrepid has developed dozens of innovative hardware and software products throughout its history. Many of these tools, including our Vehicle Spy software, and neoVI and ValueCAN devices, have become industry standard solutions and are used around the globe.

Vehicle Network Adapters >>
Easily connect your computer to multiple vehicle networks. We have solutions for nearly all currently used networks and protocols.

Software >>
Interact with multiple networks, perform diagnostics, node/ECU simulation, data acquisition, automated testing, memory edit or calibration, and vehicle network bus monitoring.

Data Loggers >>
Record network data over time and/or based on location; standalone, wireless and remote capabilities available.

Automotive Ethernet Tools >>
Automotive Ethernet is the newest vehicle networking technology and has caused great excitement in the industry. Ready to get started? Intrepid has you covered with our active taps, media converters and more.

Analog DAQ Devices >>
Family of ruggedized products that provide an isolated analog, digital or temperature interface to a PC via the PC’s USB port.

ECU Simulator >> 
Easily configurable and customizable ECU solutions. Perfect for use as gateway nodes, simulators, automated testers, and ECU replacements.



Free Tools >>
Free software products.

Cables >>
Additional/replacement cables for Intrepid hardware.

Accessories >>
Memory cards, antennas, probes, and more.