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Simulate ECU Functions

Don’t have the ECU you need for testing?

Need to quickly create a translator, gateway, or filter?


Creating a simulator, gateway, translator or network filter can be expensive and time-consuming, but our neoECUs can complete most rapid prototyping and gateway tasks for less than half the cost of other solutions. These devices are scripted using Vehicle Spy’s easy-to-learn Function Block scripting feature.

Capabilities include the following:

  • Simulate broadcast messages or network management exchanges
  • Simulate an ECU on your bench or desk
  • Create a gateway/translator to isolate traffic or to modify messages sent to a specific ECU
  • Filter unwanted network traffic in a subsystem or test cell

Most neoVIs also have the same capabilities, and can perform these tasks plus act as a vehicle network adapter simultaneously.

Restbus simulation is also possible using a neoVI and Vehicle Spy’s Simulation View.

Learn more about Vehicle Spy and Function Blocks…

Learn more about neoECUs

Simulate ECU Functions with Vehicle Spy

Related Tools:


neoECU-10 HHL

The neoECU-10-HHL provides 2 DW CAN and 1LIN channel, analog input and PWM I/O. It runs easily-created Vehicle Spy CoreMini scripts.


neoECU-10 HLSL

The neoECU-10-HLSL provides 1 channel each of DW CAN, SW/LSFT CAN and LIN, analog input and PWM I/O. It runs easily-created Vehicle Spy CoreMini scripts.



The neoECU-20 is a rapid prototyping tool for CAN/LIN ECUs with 4 DW CAN, 1 SW CAN, 1 LSFT CAN and 4 LIN channels. Use with Vehicle Spy function Blocks.



The neoVI MOTE is a dashboard-mountable, scriptable pendant CAN node with 4 buttons, a sunlight-readable display and audible feedback.