RAD-Moon 3
RAD-Comet 2

Tools For Developing Zonal Architecture And Software Define Vehicles

Tools For Developing Zonal Architecture And Software Define Vehicles

Tools For Developing Zonal Architecture and Software-Defined Vehicles

Driven By Your Data
neoVI RED-2
Vehicle Spy Software
In-Vehicle Data Logging Solution

Choose From A Family Of Loggers To Suit Your Needs

Choose From A Family Of Loggers
To Suit Your Needs

Choose From A Family Of Loggers
To Suit Your Needs

Wireless - Standalone - Analytics - Rugged - Fleet Management
RAD-Comet 3

RAD-Comet 3

6x 10BASE-T1S Development Interface with 100 / 1000BASE-T1, CAN FD and LIN

RAD-Comet 3
Vehicle Spy

Vehicle Spy: One Tool, Many Tasks.

…now with full Ethernet support and video review!

Diagnostic, Node/ECU Simulation, Data Acquisition, Automated Testing, and more.

Automotive Ethernet Book

Automotive Ethernet - The Definitive Guide - 2nd Edition (2022)

The Go-To Reference on the Exciting New Technology of Automotive Ethernet!


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We Are The Experts

Intrepid was established in 1996, and brings vast knowledge and experience of vehicle networks to provide simple and innovative solutions to your application needs. We provide cutting-edge software and hardware solutions to support various sectors including Automotive, Heavy-duty, Industrial and many more.

Intrepid Control Systems

Here To Support You

Intrepid is renowned for its customer service, we aim to work closely with our valued customers to support ongoing requirements. To support this, we have state-of-the-art equipment to enable us to manufacture our product solutions within our HQ based in Detroit. Our dedicated teams are ready to support you with your applications and provide technical advice, as well as any training needs.

Unparalleled Experience

Intrepid’s team is created by people like you – from OEMs, Tier 1s, and other experts in automotive vehicle networks. We put all that knowledge into the solutions we provide to you. We continue to expand our experience by keeping engaged with our customers’ projects and participating in key industry committees and working groups.

Universal Vehicle Network Tools

Universal Vehicle Network Tools

Vehicle Spy Enterprise is an easy-to-use tool that enables you to perform diagnostics, node/ECU Simulation, data acquisition, automated testing, memory edit or calibration, and vehicle network bus monitoring. With the exception of customer-specific features, all functionality available in Vehicle Spy is offered at a single low price with support for nearly every automotive network: CAN, CAN FD, Automotive Ethernet, LIN, FlexRay, K-Line and many others.

Embedded Data Loggers

Embedded Data Loggers

Diagnosing an intermittent electronic problem with a vehicle? Need to collect memory data from a powertrain controller? Want to know how customers use your vehicle over a period of time? Whatever the application, Intrepid’s family of standalone data loggers provide you with the ability to collect almost any type of data from nearly any vehicle network or protocol.  With a single data logger, it is possible to simultaneously collect messages from Automotive Ethernet, ISO CAN FD, CAN, LIN, and FlexRay. Our loggers support nearly every protocol, including XCP, CCP, ISO14229 (UDS), GMLAN and more.

Wireless Fleet Data Logging

Wireless Fleet Data Logging

Reliably capture data, including audio and video, with Intrepid’s family of data loggers. Activate, deactivate, and reprogram loggers remotely. Wirelessly communicate with your logger to request or review captured data, or store it in the logger’s onboard memory. Take advantage of integrated fleet management features to locate your test vehicles. Capture network data, synchronized with audio and video data, for a more complete understanding of the physical environment and variables that may be affecting your vehicle or test.

Analog DAQ Devices

Analog DAQ Devices

The RAD-IO2 series is a family of ruggedized products that provide an isolated analog, digital or temperature interface to a PC via the PC’s USB port. These tools can also be paired with Intrepid products. In addition, the RAD-IO2-CANHUB can power and convert the native UART signal to CAN or CAN FD for use in any CAN device.

Experiment with Automotive Ethernet

Experiment with Automotive Ethernet

The high speed and bandwidth provided by Automotive Ethernet is enabling the automotive industry to develop increasingly advanced vehicle features such as high-quality audio and video, adaptive cruise control, active lane departure, automatic parking systems, and even fully autonomous vehicles. In response, Intrepid has produced a full line of Automotive Ethernet tools that you can use to easily interface to, simulate and experiment with Ethernet networks. Intrepid’s popular Vehicle Spy software has full Ethernet support.

Automotive Ethernet Poster

Request a Copy of Our Automotive Ethernet Poster - We'll Send You One Free!

We’ve also published “Automotive Ethernet – The Definitive Guide”, a go-to reference book for Automotive Ethernet, as well as a free, convenient reference poster that covers the basics of this exciting new technology


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