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Connected Car / V2X / Telematics

Imagine your car reacting to the speed and direction of all of the cars around you. Your vehicle could avoid accidents, get instant updates on traffic, and alert you to potential hazards ahead.

Envision the road itself adjusting to the vehicles on it, changing traffic light timings, activating express lanes on demand, or halting cars to allow emergency vehicles to pass more quickly.

The connected car concept represents a welcome addition to autonomous systems, providing feedback from surrounding vehicles (known as vehicle-to-vehicle or V2V) as well as from the infrastructure through which the car is travelling (vehicle-to-infrastructure or V2I). These related technologies are sometimes bundled together as vehicle-to-everything and abbreviated V2X. V2X includes technologies such as DSRC, a US standard, and the EU’s C-ITS.

Gathering data wirelessly is the domain of telematics. Gathering the right data reliably and mining it to produce actionable, valuable information is key to modern vehicle testing and development.

View/Analyze Network Traffic

Intrepid Control Systems offers many tools for use with connected car, V2X and telematics applications:

  • neoVI RED 2 and neoVI Fire 3 for Wireless Data Logging: The neoVI RED 2 and neoVI FIRE 3 is capable of logging vehicle data and transmitting it wirelessly to the Wireless neoVI system. Gather testing and validation data and access it anywhere.
  • Wireless neoVI: A website and server software package that manages automatic and manual remote download, control and monitoring of data. Its carefully designed user interface makes interacting with your logger fleet straightforward and intuitive, ideal for advanced applications.
  • ValueLOGIntrepid’s open platform OBD interface for automotive enterprise IoT and wireless car applications. It has SPP modules,Wi-Fi, as well as LTE and is fully programmable to meet your needs.
Related Tools:
Vehicle Spy

Vehicle Spy 3

Intrepid's most popular and versatile vehicle network software includes a multitude of capabilities that make it a “One Tool, Many Tasks” solution.


neoVI FIRE 3

The neoVI FIRE 3 is the most advanced multi protocol vehicle network interface and data logger available, providing 16x CAN FD networks, up to 8x LIN networks, 2x 1 Gb 10/100/1000BASE-T, 1x 10/100BASE-Tx.

Wireless neoVI

Wireless neoVI

Wireless neoVI (WIVI) is server software that manages programming, remote download and fleet management for your remote data loggers.



An open platform OBD interface for automotive enterprise IoT applications, equipped with programmable Wi-Fi and LTE modules to give you complete access to raw vehicle network data via secure APIs.