neoVI PI

Robust and Open Raspberry PI 4 platform for automotive

Robust and Open Raspberry PI 4 platform for automotive

Introducing the Automotive Industry’s first robust platform for the Raspberry Pi. The neoVI PI has a built-in Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Module (RPi4 CM) that contains quad 64-bit processors and a gigabit Ethernet port, paired with Intrepid’s CAN FD technology. This allows you to simulate, test and datalog with the flexibility that the Raspberry Pi 4 Compute allows. The neoVI Pi has all the features of the RPi4 CM plus up to four CAN FD networks.

The neoVI PI is designed for the automotive environment, allowing use with automotive power ranges and applications. The neoVI PI allows you to use the Raspberry Pi 4 Compute while avoiding additional development to adapt to the automotive network environment. That makes the neoVI PI powerful enough to solve your vehicle network problems, yet small enough to fit in your backpack.


  • Built-in RPi4 Compute Module supports all variations of EMCC, SDCard, and Wireless
  • 2x internal ValueCAN4-2 for 4 CAN FD / CAN 2.0 Channels
  • Intrepid Open source APIs on github/intrepidcs: libicsneo for C/C++ and python_ics for Python
  • Automotive Power Supply (5-60V operation)
  • 1x Native 1000BASE-T Ethernet with PoE sink support
  • 4x High Speed USB Host Ports with high current sourcing
  • Integrated Raspberry Pi Pico Module connected to RPi4 via USB
  • M.2 NVMe slot for hosting PCIe flash up to 4TB
  • Expandable IO : Internal RPi and Rpi Pico GPIO access with open connector pins for custom hardware applications
  • Tested and Packaged for in-vehicle use
  • HDMI connector for RPi4 OS display
  • DB26 HD Vehicle signal connector compatible with various cables for vehicle attachment – compatible with other neoVI Cables
  • Open DB9 connector for Expandable IO from RPi and RPi Pico
  • WiFi from RPi4
  • Expandable via RPi4 and RPi Pico GPIO
  • 10 Full Color Membrane LEDs and buzzer for status indication
  • Membrane Buttons to manually trigger data logging
  • 2X Camera Ports and 2X Display Ports
  • RTC
  • Options:
    • Add Thermocouple, Voltage, and Pulse measurement and Relay, Analog or pulse control via RAD-IO2 Series
    • Add 100/1000BASE-T1 support via RAD-Moon Series media converters
    • neoVI MIC 2 with GPS
    • Add Vehicle interface cables for DB26 connector
    • Add Cellular support via RAD-4G


  • Standalone data logger with edge processing
  • Standalone ECU or vehicle simulator
  • In-vehicle data acquisition system
  • Vehicle interface with Raspberry Pi
neoVI PI
neoVI PI
neoVI PI
neoVI-PI Endplate
Remote Audio Recording
RAD-Moon 2
neoVI-PI Layout
neoVI-PI Layout

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