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Automotive Ethernet (AE) represents the latest challenge to the status quo in automotive networking. Many OEMs are now moving forward with this exciting new technology, which promises high performance at low cost, especially for infotainment applications.

Capturing Automotive Ethernet Frames
Automotive Ethernet traffic cannot be monitored using the same techniques employed for buses like CAN. Ethernet networks use star topology, so there is no single point to monitor an entire network. The sophisticated technology employed also means bit values cannot be interpreted directly from voltage levels. Finally, Ethernet hardware silently discards erroneous frames, making diagnosing problem conditions difficult. Intrepid’s tools are designed to address all of these issues conveniently and efficiently.

Automotive Ethernet Connector
Media Converters
Active Tap
Ethernet Switches
Data Loggers
RAD-Comet 2
RAD-Comet 2
The RAD-Comet is a versatile device for developing and testing 10BASE-T1S communication in automotive systems.
88Q2221M 1000BASE-T1 with TC10 and MACsec SFP Module
88Q2221M 1000BASE-T1 with TC10 and MACsec SFP Module
Intrepid Controls has developed an Automotive Ethernet Small Form Pluggable (SFP) module based on the Marvell 88Q2221M single-pair Ethernet physical layer transceiver (PHY) that is designed to work with both 100/1000BASE-T1 speeds.
RAD-Galaxy 2
RAD-Galaxy 2
Intrepid’s RAD-Galaxy 2 is a multi-purpose Ethernet Active Tap and Gateway for Automotive Ethernet.
88Q2112 1000BASE-T1 SFP Module
Intrepid Controls has developed a two wire ethernet Small Form Pluggable (SFP) module based on the Marvell 88Q2112-A2 PHY. Designed to work with both 100/1000Base-T1 speeds and compatible in both IEEE and non-IEEE compliant modes.
RAD-Epsilon Family
Intrepid’s RAD-Epsilon is a rugged 9-port Gigabit managed switch with Nvidia Jetson Nano Integration designed specifically for bench/vehicle network and Autonomous development.
Intrepid’s RAD-Meteor is a cost effective means to add a 10BASE-T1S (IEEE Std 802.3cg) port to your computer using USB. In addition to monitoring 10BASE-T1S traffic as if it were a standard Ethernet port, the RAD-Meteor network adapter supports the test modes and wave forms required to test the 10BASE-T1S network.
The inexpensive, pocket-sized RAD-Moon easily interfaces conventional Ethernet with BroadR-Reach® (100BASE-T1 compatible). Powered by USB, the RAD-Moon allows you to communicate directly between a PC and an Automotive Ethernet ECU.
RAD-Moon 2
RAD-Moon 2 allows you to convert from 100/1000BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet to standard 10/100/1000 Ethernet, useful for connecting a PC to a 100/1000BASE-T1 host or switch.
RAD-Moon 3
RAD-Moon 3
Intrepid’s RAD-Moon 3 is the latest Ethernet Media Converter for Automotive Ethernet applications. The RAD-Moon 3 converts the Ethernet physical layer from MultiGBASE-T1 to MultiGBASE-T. This is needed to directly connect a PC equipped with the standard 8-wire Ethernet to an automotive ECU or Switch which use the 2-wire version of Ethernet specific to In-Vehicle Networks. (IVNs)
RAD-Star 2
Intrepid’s RAD-Star 2 is a multi-purpose, dual Ethernet gateway for Automotive Ethernet applications. Using the RAD-Star 2, you can monitor both sides of a BroadR-Reach® (100BASE-T1 compatible) connection or connect your laptop to 2 nodes in media converter mode. As a gateway to standard 8-wire Gigabit Ethernet, RAD-Star 2 makes any existing standard Ethernet device, laptop, or data logger compatible with BroadR-Reach® (100BASE-T1 compatible).
Intrepid’s RAD-Galaxy is a multi-purpose Ethernet multi active-tap, media converter and ISO CAN FD tool for Automotive Ethernet applications. Using the RAD-Galaxy, you can monitor both sides of up to 6 BroadR-Reach® (100BASE-T1 compatible) links in active tap mode, or connect your laptop to up to 12 nodes in media converter mode. In addition to supporting Automotive Ethernet, the RAD-Galaxy supports 8 ISO CAN FD networks, 1 LIN channel and a Diagnostics over IP (DoIP) channel.
The RAD-Gigastar can monitor one pair of 100/1000BASE-T1* connections with an additional pair of SFP cages to support optical/ copper SFP transceivers. In addition, the RAD-Gigastar can also operate as a programmable gateway to create an Ethernet-to-Ethernet or a CAN-Ethernet gateway.
Intrepid’s RAD-Jupiter is a rugged 7-port managed switch designed specifically for bench and vehicle network development. In addition to its Ethernet functionality, it integrates many of the key CAN, LIN, and scripting features found in our ValueCAN 4 family of tools.

Vehicle Spy Supports Automotive Ethernet

Vehicle Spy

Intrepid’s Vehicle Spy 3 software analyzes and saves Automotive Ethernet data. You can view CAN, LIN, Automotive Ethernet and video data on one screen, time-aligned with an accuracy of 10 ns. Examine live data and load data logger captures to see when a test operator pressed a trigger button, synchronized with video frame captures and Automotive Ethernet frames.

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Vehicle Spy's Graphical Panel
Automotive Ethernet Second Edition

Automotive Ethernet - The Definitive Guide

Your go-to reference book for Automotive Ethernet. This expansive volume explains how industry-standard Ethernet technology has been adapted via Broadcom’s new BroadR-Reach® standard to bring Ethernet hardware, and applications that run upon it, to the automotive world. Includes foreword by Bob Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet.

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Topics covered Include:

  • TCP/IP
  • BroadR-Reach®
  • Switch technology
  • Real-time protocols
  • Audio Video Bridging
  • IEEE physical layers
  • Electromagnetic compatibility issues
  • Much more!

Video Guide