Automotive Ethernet Switch

Switches are OSI (Open Systems Interconnection model) Layer 2 devices that are responsible for forwarding frames addressed to other ports by using Addresses in the Layer 2 header (MAC Addresses). The most common switch in the market is the unmanaged switch. These require little or no configuration as they learn where to forward traffic by building a table based on the traffic entering the switch. Unmanaged switches are not only a security risk in Automotive, they lack features necessary in today’s evolving Automotive architectures.

Intrepid’s RAD-Jupiter and RAD-Epsilon are a ruggedized Automotive managed switch based on the Marvell 88Q5050 and Marvell 88Q6113 designed specifically for bench and vehicle network development. Having IEEE 802.1Q tag support it can logically separate the network into multiple Virtual LAN’s (VLAN) on a single device. Other features of the switch enable many other applications such as a,

Media Converter — creating an exclusive connection between two ports and block traffic from all other ports

Port Mirroring — monitor the traffic on specific ports

Gateway Functions — Enabled by scripting to route messages from one network to another, and modify the contents of the frame as it passes through.

Frame mirroring and VLAN tagging for advanced debug and monitoring. 

This switch adds a host processor or embedded core to allow the switch to support advanced functions and protocols. A Managed Switch may support Dynamic VLAN management (MVRP), managing redundant paths, AVB/TSN Protocols, Deep Packet Inspection, and Ingress Policing and Limiting.


RAD-Epsilon is a rugged 9-port Gigabit managed switch with Nvidia Jetson Nano Integration designed specifically for bench/vehicle network and Autonomous development. In addition to its Ethernet functionality, it integrates many of the key CAN, LIN, and scripting features found in our vehicle networking tools.



Intrepid’s RAD-Jupiter is a ruggedized 7-port managed switch based on the Marvell 88Q5050 designed specifically for bench and vehicle network development.

The RAD-Jupiter has 5x100BASE-T1 ports, 1x switchable 1000BASE-T or 1000BASE-T1 port, and 1x 1000BASE-T or USB GigE Bridge. In addition, it contains a scripting processor connected to the switch having 2xCAN FD channels with programmable termination and 1xLIN channel to interface with the rest of the vehicle. 

RAD-Jupiter Block Diagram

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