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Electric Vehicles

There was a time when electric vehicles were considered mere curiosities: playthings for scientists in lab coats and fodder for forward-looking articles in car magazines. But no longer. The future, as the saying goes, is now.

Nearly 200,000 electric vehicles were sold in the United States alone in 2017, a high that eclipsed the previous year’s record by more than 25%. Electric vehicles have captured the interest of the general public. Some countries are now passing laws requiring a minimum percentage of electric vehicles to be sold, or even setting target dates for 100% electric vehicle production.

In addition to the usual challenges facing automotive electronics, electric vehicles require more ECUs, must handle more network traffic, and deal with more vehicle networks. These demands necessitate new, powerful hardware and software tools for testing and validation. This is especially the case for data logging, which also must contend with ever-increasing amounts of data to be captured, uploaded and analyzed.

View/Analyze Network Traffic

Intrepid Control Systems has over 20 years of experience in vehicle networking test and logging solutions, and supplies hardware and software to many of the electric vehicle makers whose names you hear in the news. Intrepid offers the best toolset for testing and validating electric vehicles, as well as simulating ECUs and whole vehicle network traffic:

  • neoVI RED 2 and neoVI Fire 3 for Wireless Data Logging: The neoVI RED 2 and neoVI FIRE 3 is capable of logging vehicle data and transmitting it wirelessly to the Wireless neoVI system. Gather testing and validation data and access it anywhere.
  • Wireless neoVI: A website and server software package that manages automatic and manual remote download, control, and monitoring of data. Its carefully designed user interface makes interacting with your logger fleet straightforward and intuitive, ideal for advanced applications.
  • Vehicle Spy: Vehicle Spy fully supports Automotive Ethernet, CAN FD and video. You can view CAN, LIN, Automotive Ethernet and video data on one screen, time-aligned with an accuracy of 10 ns. Examine live data and load data logger captures to see when a test operator pressed a trigger button, synchronized with video frame captures and Automotive Ethernet frames.


Related Tools:


The RAD-wBMS is an adaptor designed to interface between ADI’s electric vehicle wBMS and legacy test platforms in a variety of use cases.

Wireless neoVI

Wireless neoVI

Wireless neoVI (WIVI) is server software that manages programming, remote download and fleet management for your remote data loggers.

Vehicle Spy

Vehicle Spy 3

Intrepid's most popular and versatile vehicle network software includes a multitude of capabilities that make it a “One Tool, Many Tasks” solution.


neoVI FIRE 3

The neoVI FIRE 3 is the most advanced multi protocol vehicle network interface and data logger available, providing 16x CAN FD networks, up to 8x LIN networks, 2x 1 Gb 10/100/1000BASE-T, 1x 10/100BASE-Tx.