RAD-Meteor - 10BASE-T1S

Low Cost Device for Interacting with 10BASE-T1S Networks

Intrepid’s RAD-Meteor is a cost effective means to add a 10BASE-T1S (IEEE Std 802.3cg) port to your computer using USB.  In addition to monitoring 10BASE-T1S traffic as if it were a standard Ethernet port, the RAD-Meteor network adapter supports the test modes and wave forms required to test the 10BASE-T1S network. RAD-Meteor also has a built-in full color display to view network activity and monitor the 10BASE-T1S status registers.


  • USB Network Adapter with 10BASE-T1S Physical Layer (PHY)
  • Enumerates as standard Ethernet NIC in Linux or Windows.
  • Monitor Ethernet with Vehicle Spy or Wireshark
  • TX/RX with socket applications
  • Microchip LAN867X 10BASE-T1S PHY
  • Terminal Block with optional termination for T1S connections
  • Device configuration and status register reporting over USB using Ethernet frames
  • 320 x 240 Color Display for monitoring network activity and displaying 10BASE-T1S status registers
  • Stand-alone configuration of 10BASE-T1S parameters and test modes via 3-button interface
  • Field updatable firmware
RAD-Meteor | 10BASE-T1S

Main Screen 

Main Screen

Vehicle Spy Support

Vehicle Spy from Intrepid contains many features for analyzing Ethernet networks that exceed that of Wireshark. This includes being able to transmit ethernet frames, scripting, simulate ECUs and gateways, and decode protocols with OEM databases.

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