SOME/IP Protocol Explained in 5 Minutes!: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

February 6, 2024

SOME/IP, which stands for Scalable Service Oriented MiddlewarE over IP, operates over Internet Protocol (IPv4 or IPv6) and can utilize either TCP or UDP, with a preference for UDP in real-time automotive applications.


Understanding Services in SOME/IP


The core concept of services in SOME/IP involves a combination of events, methods, and fields. Events and methods can be any action or change in data within the vehicle system. A practical example involves a smartphone’s contact list being shared between the center console and the instrument cluster, showcasing the advantages of a service-based architecture.

Types of Communication


Explore the different types of communication in SOME/IP, including MethodCall, Getter/Setter on fields, EventGroup Notification, and Field Notifications. Emphasizing the necessity of Service Discovery for effective communication, with ECUs subscribing to events or fields across the network. A Multicast Address Space is crucial for enabling ECUs to publish and subscribe to services throughout the entire network.

The SOME/IP Message Header

A detailed breakdown of the SOME/IP message header, explaining components such as Message ID, Client ID, Session ID, and different message types. Touching on the importance of unique Service IDs and Method IDs within the vehicle to ensure a seamless flow of communication. 

Explore Intrepid Control Systems’ website for more in-depth information on tools supporting the SOME/IP protocol, such as Vehicle Spy 3 and Vehicle Spy X. Stay connected with the latest advancements in automotive technology!

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