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Multi Active Tap & Gateway for Automotive Ethernet
Your Go-To Tool for Conventional and Next-Generation Vehicle Networks

Intrepid’s RAD-Galaxy is a multi-purpose Ethernet active tap and media converter for Automotive Ethernet. Using the RAD-Galaxy, you can monitor both sides of up to 6 BroadR-Reach® (100BASE-T1) connections, or attach your laptop to as many as 12 BroadR-Reach® ECUs or other devices. As a gateway to standard 8-wire Gigabit Ethernet, RAD-Galaxy makes any standard Ethernet device, laptop, or data logger compatible with BroadR-Reach®.

The RAD-Galaxy has 12 BroadR-Reach / 100BASE-T1 PHYs, allowing it to tap 6 links between ECUs and/or switch ports. It can also be configured to act as a media converter for up to 12 devices. In addition to its Automotive Ethernet capabilities, it offers 8x CAN FD channels, 1 LIN channel, DoIP support and standalone operation capability.


  • Taps copy full-duplex communications between Automotive Ethernet master and slave on each link with sub-microsecond latency
  • Taps have basic filtering and routing capabilities
  • Can serve as a BroadR-Reach® to Gigabit Ethernet bridge.
  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Support
  • Audio Video Bridging (AVB) Support


The RAD-Galaxy’s broad network support and many features make it the ideal tool for a variety of applications, including:

  • ECU level and system level automated testing
  • Automotive Ethernet network monitoring
  • Network simulation / Restbus simulation
  • Automotive Ethernet to CAN FD or LIN gateway applications
  • Standalone data logging applications
  • Gang (multiple ECU) reflashing over CAN FD and Automotive Ethernet
RAD- Galaxy Overview Image
RAD-Galaxy System Level / Gateway ECU Testing

The RAD-Galaxy has the unique ability to test an entire system of up to 6 ECUs / nodes connected to an Automotive Ethernet switch, plus 8 CAN FD networks, with up to 10 ns time accuracy.  This makes it ideal for Gateway ECU testing applications, as well as whole system testing.

Active Tap Mode

A primary use of the RAD-Galaxy is to act as an active tap, transparently interposing itself between up to 6 pairs of BroadR-Reach® (100BASE-T1) Automotive Ethernet devices. These can be any combination of 6 ECU-to-switch or ECU-to-ECU links. The traffic from each device on a tapped link is forwarded to its partner, ensuring seamless operation of the network. Copies of all messages are also sent to the PC over the RAD-Galaxy’s Gigabit Ethernet link, where they can be analyzed using the included Vehicle Spy software.

Media Converter Mode

The RAD-Galaxy can also be configured to act as a media converter, allowing a PC to interact with up to 12 Automotive Ethernet ECUs. This allows you to simulate nodes, or perform direct diagnostics or ECU flashing.

Vehicle Spy Enterprise Software

One license for Intrepid’s powerful Vehicle Spy Enterprise software is included with each RAD-Galaxy. Vehicle Spy will allow you to view traffic on your tapped or media-converted Automotive Ethernet networks. You can also transmit messages from the PC to Automotive Ethernet ECUs, and much more.

NanoMQS Pins and Plug Provided

Due to the wide variation of connectors used in Automotive Ethernet, and its strict physical layer requirements, we provide a Nano MQS plug and pin kit with the RAD-Galaxy. This includes two plugs and a set of pins for the RAD-Galaxy’s Nano MQS sockets. This hardware can be used to create harnesses to suit your vehicle or test bench needs.

The NanoMQS plug and pin kit includes:

  • 2x TE Connectivity part # 2177588-1 Nano MQS plugs
  • 28x TE Connectivity part # 2-2112449-1 Nano MQS crimp contacts (12 pins per plug, with 4 spares)

Additional kits, if needed, can be purchased from the Intrepid store.

Note that this kit does not include the Nano MQS crimping tool (TE Connectivity part # 4-1579014-0). If needed, this can be purchased from Intrepid, or sourced from TE Connectivity distributors.


RAD-Galaxy Gateway ECU Testing Hookup Diagram
RAD-Galaxy Gateway Image
RAD-Galaxy System Level Testing Hookup Diagram
RAD-Galaxy as a Standalone Data Logger 
RAD-Galaxy can be used as a stand-alone data logger

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