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DoIP with neoVI & Vehicle Spy – LIVE Webinar!

February 13, 2024

Numerous OEMs are poised to integrate Diagnostics over IP, commonly referred to as DoIP. But why this move?

What advantages does it offer? And how can we effectively test and validate DoIP within our architecture? Join us for a brief, 1-hour overview of this technology and how to implement it.

Register here for everything you need to know about Diagnostics over IP from Intrepid Expert, Don Hatfield, on Wednesday, February 21st at 12pm (EST).

Gain comprehensive insights into DoIP, its benefits, and practical application methods. Be sure to follow us on our socials for further event details and future webinar announcements!

Vehicle Spy 3 Full Diagnostics Training

Feeling like a one-hour webinar just isn’t enough? Not a problem!

Register for our free, comprehensive Diagnostics with Vehicle Spy 3 training on Tuesday, February 20th, from 1pm to 4pm.

Dive deep into ISO14229 (UDS) Diagnostics, exploring the intricacies and features that facilitate diagnostics within Vehicle Spy 3. Whether you opt for in-person or online attendance, this training promises to enhance your understanding and proficiency in diagnostics.

SOME/IP Explained in 5 Minutes!

Watch this brief video featuring Intrepid’s COO, Colt Correa, who succinctly explains SOME/IP in just 5 minutes! Discover how SOME/IP can revolutionize diagnostic communication between ECUs within automotive networks, unlocking unprecedented efficiency and capabilities.

Gain a deeper understanding of how this technology intertwines with our discussion on DoIP, paving the way for enhanced diagnostic capabilities in today’s modern vehicles.

You’re Invited to WCX 2024!

We’re pleased to announce we’ll be in attendance at this year’s SAE World Congress Experience.

Stop by booth # 513 for a glimpse of our newest products and applications, as well as a fresh cup of coffee from our friends at Cappuccino Man!

Visit the link here to register for WCX, April 16 – 18th, at Huntington Place.

As always, Thanks for choosing Intrepid as your automotive networking partner!

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