Customer Specific Support

Please click on the name of your company in the list below to access customized support files and instructions. You will prompted to enter your company username and password to access the relevant customer-specific page.

Customer Specific Support FAQ:

Q: How do I request the password for my company?
A: Please send an email to Intrepid Support from your company email address. We will reply back a little later with your password.

Q: I see my company listed. Can anyone at the company have access to the page, or is it reserved?
A: The only requirement is that you have an email address specific to the company whose web portal you are trying to access.

Q: My company does not seem to have an account listed. Why?
A: For companies where special revisions or products need to be delivered efficiently, Intrepid Control Systems has established a customized web page. Due to the specific nature of these documents, access is controlled.

Q: The password that I’m entering does not work. Why?
A: Remember that passwords are case sensitive. Also, please verify the password by emailing ICS support; from time to time we may update or change passwords without notification.

Q: Whom do I contact if I have a problem with the web page?
A: Please send all requests to ICS Support.

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