Automotive Cybersecurity / Red Teaming

As vehicle electronic systems become increasingly more sophisticated, the need for cybersecurity in the automotive sphere grows more pronounced. Cybersecurity requires that many specifications and implementations be thoroughly tested to ensure compliance, a task aided through the use of the right solutions.

Intrepid Control Systems offers a suite of red team tools and services to help automotive electronics professionals comply with cybersecurity requirements and deal with threats. Through regular updates, our security suite of tools can ensure continued coverage of new and evolving security concerns.

Software suite and red team support:

  • Security scanning of known CVEs
  • Validation of compliance to wired and wireless hardware, firmware and software
  • Security triage
  • Security automation
  • Security maintenance
View/Analyze Network Traffic

Intrepid offers a growing array of software and hardware tools to support automotive cybersecurity needs:

  • Vehicle Spy Software: In addition to its many other capabilities, Vehicle Spy is an excellent tool for security research, and can be used to support OEM cybersecurity efforts. Vehicle Spy works seamlessly with all Intrepid hardware products, including the security-enabled tools listed below.
  • neoVI FIRE 3: Intrepid’s next-generation, multi-protocol vehicle interface and data logger was the first Intrepid device to support cybersecurity through the Intrepid Security Module (ISM). The ISM features an open real-time hardware cryptoprocessor, and an authentication processor.
  • ValueLOG : Intrepid’s Affordable Vehicle Interface & Data Logger optional supports the Intrepid Security Module.
  • ValueCAN 4 Family: The all-new ValueCAN 4 series pairs low cost with high performance, including cybersecurity support.
Related Tools:
Vehicle Spy

Vehicle Spy 3

Intrepid's most popular and versatile vehicle network software includes a multitude of capabilities that make it a “One Tool, Many Tasks” solution.


neoVI RED 2

The neoVI RED 2 Series has up to eight dual wire CAN FD channels, two LIN channels, and two Gigabit Ethernet channels. The neoVI RED 2 fills the need for multiple protocol tools with a low-cost, high-value vehicle bus interface that fits in your backpack.



An open platform OBD interface for automotive enterprise IoT applications, equipped with programmable Wi-Fi and LTE modules to give you complete access to raw vehicle network data via secure APIs.

valueCAN 4

ValueCAN 4

Intrepid’s next generation family of low-cost, high-performance interfaces for CAN and CAN FD networks, offering 1 to 4 CAN / CAN FD channels, improved performance, new features, and a multitude of options, including LIN and Ethernet.