AVB/TSN Endpoint Simulation (Talker/Listener)
Intrepid’s latest addition to the neoECU series integrates 100BASE-T1 and Gigabit Ethernet with a wide variety of multimedia interfaces to deliver a fully configurable AVB Endpoint.

The neoECU AVB/TSN is perfect for rapid prototyping, system-level troubleshooting, network testing and much more. Please read on for further details.

neoECU AVB/TSN<br />

Key Features

  • Standalone script execution with message RX/TX, expression evaluation, and conditional logic
  • 8x Dual purpose LEDs for network status and device configuration
  • Programmable DW CAN termination circuits
  • Battery-backed real time clock (RTC)
  • Field-upgradeable flash firmware
  • Rugged aluminum case with shock-absorbing end caps

Rapid Prototyping: Quickly assemble prototype AVB/TSN systems to characterize performance and evaluate trade-offs well in advance of production prototypes.

Accelerate System-Level Troubleshooting: Use as a “Known-Good” sample to replace  suspect ECUs to aid in the process of elimination.

Robustness Testing: Observe your system under stress by quickly  configuring additional endpoints to simulate high levels of network utilization.

AVB/TSN Standards Compliance

  • 802.1Qat – Stream Reservation Protocol (SRP)
  • 802.1Qav – Forwarding and Queuing for Time-Sensitive Streams (FQTSS)
  • 802.1AS – Precision Timing Protocol
  • IEEE 1722 – AVTP
  • IEEE 1722.1 – AVDECC


Scripting and Automation

The neoECU AVB/TSN is well-equipped to be integrated into a vehicle or test bench, with a full featured scripting engine controlling 2 CAN FD channels 

Function Blocks enable users to easily set up automated tasks and simulate nodes and ECUs without relying on a complicated, text-based computer language.

The C Code Interface guides you through building a C Project in Microsoft Visual C. This interface allows you access to anything accessible through Visual C. Imagine being able to access security DLL files, external hardware, or the Win32API, and interface that information with your networks. The possibilities are endless!

neoECU AVB/TSN End Plate
neoECU AVB/TSN End Plate