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RAD-Phobos Series

Serializer and Deserializer Media Converter
/ Repeater

The RAD-Phobos series converts, repeats, splits and aggregates SerDes links. RAD-Phobos helps equalize the GMSL2 or FPD-Link III interface to extend the usable range from sensor to controller. The device also allows you to monitor the lock and link status for the input and output video ports. 

The RAD-Phobos allows you to duplicate or translate a SerDes stream to another video port with the industry’s best latency for such video duplication. Custom device examples include sensor data using shielded twisted pair to Coax conversion. Configurable address and link speed are achieved at power up for forward channel linking. When paired with Intrepid devices the Vehicle Spy Enterprise software can time align the I2C bus reading, writing and polling of data with CAN-FD, Ethernet and Video images.

A completely standalone mode is possible using Texas Instruments Analog LaunchPad (ALP) software or Maximum Integrated GMSL SerDes GUI tools with respective 3rd party hardware interfaces. 



  • Input and Output: FAKRA Code Z (Water Blue)
  • Configurable I2C addresses and link modes
  • GPIO passthrough or remapped between deserializer and serializer possible
  • Power over Coax Injector (not supported on all versions)
  • Input Voltage Range: 5-40V
  • Supports full bandwidth across SerDes link
  • Status LEDs report Link/Lock and Error states
  • Compact for portability
  • Rugged extruded aluminum enclosure
RAD- Moon

Use Cases

  • Extend range over Coax or STP
  • Convert between SerDes technologies
  • Split single camera to multiple outputs
  • Power over Coax Injector
  • Perform and validate cable integrity for optimal link performance
  • Aggregate multiple cameras onto a single output
  • Pattern Generator to validate pixel formats or bandwidth
  • Access to GPIO and Frame Sync signal*
  • Physical re-mapping of GPIO, evaluate multiple vendors’ devices*
  • External Frame Sync Generation / Validation*

    *Optional use cases check with Intrepid