Happy Holidays From Intrepid Control Systems

December 25, 2021

In 2021, Intrepid Control Systems led the way with some of the most advanced tools in automotive networking.

The most exciting new products we launched this year:

  • Vehicle Spy X: Cross Platform Vehicle Network Software for Automation, Python, AUTOSAR

  • neoVI Fire 3: The Most Advanced Multi-Protocol Vehicle Interface, Gateway and Data Logger with 16x CAN FD, 8x LIN, 3x Ethernet Interfaces

  • neoVI RED 2: Vehicle Network Interface and Data Logger – 8x CAN FD, 2x LIN & 2x 100/1000BASE-T (DoIP/XCP)

  • neoECU 22: Fast and Flexible Gateways and ECU Simulations — 8x CAN FD, 2x LIN, 2x 100/1000BASE-T (DoIP/XCP)

  • RAD-Gigastar: 1000Base-T1 Active Tap, Gateway, Media Converter, Vehicle Interface & Data Logger

  • RAD-A2B: Automotive Audio Bus and Network Monitoring Solution

  • RAD-Mars: Autonomous SerDes Analyzer, Tap, Gateway, Vehicle Interface & Data Logger

  • RAD-Phobos Series: Serializer and Deserializer Media Converter / Repeater

  • ValueCAN 4 Industrial: Independently Isolated CAN FD and LIN for Automation & Industrial Environment

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