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Intrepid Control Systems

February 16, 2023

It was our pleasure to support the TeenTech #STEM festival at MIRA Technology Institute, a few weeks ago. Local schools were able to interact with industry employers, find out more about career opportunities and develop their sustainability projects.

The Intrepid Control Systems engineering team developed a real-world use case for an interactive robotic vehicle networking issue which encouraged teamwork, project management and problem-solving skills. The students were split into two teams using Intrepid’s software and hardware solutions to benchmark the strategy and performance of the controller. The solution required the teams to investigate and analyse the system, then work together as a larger team to successfully integrate their systems so the robot would drive in a straight line. We are proud to say all students who took part were successful in completing the challenge, with some even completing additional challenges!

Intrepid Control Systems
Intrepid Control Systems

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