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Automotive Ethernet Congress

Automotive Ethernet Congress

February 22, 2023

Intrepid Control Systems is pleased to invite you to,
The Automotive Ethernet Congress taking place in Munich on the 21-23 March.2023.
The congress is a high-profile event and brings leading technology experts together to discuss the future direction of the new vehicle network architectures and the all-automotive Ethernet network communication. Some of the hottest topics covered in the event are:

Review how automotive ethernet evolved over the last 15 years

  • Next, Generation zonal architectures
  • Time challenges TSN on the ethernet communication
  • Optical fiber connectivity for automotive applications
  • In-vehicle video architecture
  • MACsec and IPsec for secure in-vehicle communication
  • SOME/IP – service-oriented communication and zonal E/E architecture
  • Full Agenda

Intrepid CS also actively participates in the event and contributes with a hands-on 10BASE-T1S workshop held by our CEO and founder Dave Robins. 

A carefully designed workshop will take your understanding of 10BASE-T1S to the next level through hands-on experimentation. With 8 instructor-led experiments using real T1S networks and oscilloscopes, you’ll gain practical experience in modifying settings, observing the effects on network performance, and measuring results. In addition, explore the impact of key settings such as, TO Time, PLCA Local ID, Node Count, and Burst will be observed. These are interesting when they are correct – but also fascinating when they are not. 

Automotive Ethernet Second Edition

Meet the Authors on the event!
Automotive Ethernet – The Definitive Guide 2nd Edition

The authors and experts, Colt Corra and John Simon, will be personally at the event. They will address your questions and share valuable insights into the latest developments in the industry.

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