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Simulation and Bench Testing


Intrepid Control Systems offers top tier XIL and bench testing solutions, focusing on network simulation. Our comprehensive suite empowers engineers to conduct sophisticated Software-in-the-Loop (SIL), Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL), and Vehicle-in-the-Loop (VIL) tests, ensuring accuracy and reliability in network communications. These tools are essential for simulating and evaluating complex vehicle networks, providing a seamless environment for rapid development, extensive diagnostics and performance assessments.

Advanced Simulation Capabilities

Our tools are designed to mirror the complexity of modern vehicle networks, providing engineers with a robust environment for the rapid prototyping, thorough diagnostics, and comprehensive performance analysis essential for cutting-edge automotive development.

Flexible Development Environment

With support for Python and C-Code, easy to use visual function blocks and the ability to import CAPL scripts, Intrepid offers unmatched flexibility. This allows for intricate simulation scenarios, custom network traffic generation, and detailed ECU signal playback, fostering innovative solutions to network behavior and response challenges.

Interactive Data Visualization

Vehicle Spy sets a new standard with its dynamic graphical panels, offering engineers an immersive experience in data visualization. This interactive platform facilitates direct engagement with simulation parameters, empowering users to adjust, control, and refine automotive systems with precision.

Protocol Proficiency

Our comprehensive support for essential transport and application layer protocols, including AUTOSAR, ISO-TP, and J1939, extends the depth of our simulation and bench testing capabilities. This ensures an  accurate emulation of vehicle networks, which is vital for exhaustive diagnostics and effective system  validation.