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Celebrate Pi Day With Raspberry Pi And Intrepid Tools

March 15, 2021

At Intrepid we love Pi, especially the Raspberry Pi.  As you may know, our products work with any operating system using our open source APIs including Raspberry Pi OS.  Here are some resources to help you get started using Intrepid products with your Raspberry Pi 4 computer.

The Easy Way to Program ValueCAN 4 in Python Using Raspberry Pi (Linux)

Follow our step by step tutorial on how to use Intrepid python library to integrate Intrepid vehicle networking hardware to any application running Linux, Mac or Windows. You will learn how to Transmit and Receive high speed CAN or CAN FD messages using Raspberry Pi with any Intrepid tools, such as the ValueCAN 4 series. Learn More https://intrepidcs.com/the-easy-way-to-program-valuecan-4-in-python-using-raspberry-pi-linux/ 

How to use SocketCAN on a Raspberry Pi 4 (Linux) Using ValueCAN 4

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up the Intrepid SocketCAN kernel module on your Raspberry Pi 4 to work with any Intrepid tool, such as ValueCAN 4 series. Learn More https://intrepidcs.com/socketcan-vcan4/

Use Our Open Source APIs With Our Analog DAQ Devices or Automotive Ethernet Tools

You are not limited to Intrepid CAN and CAN FD tools, you can also use our open source API with our new RAD-IO2 Series –  Isolated Analog, Digital or Temperature Interfaces to USB and CAN, read more in our GitHub page at https://github.com/intrepidcs/libneoradio2/tree/master/python and with our Automotive Ethernet Tools such as RAD-Pluto. Read more in our libicsneo documentation at https://libicsneo.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ 

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