RAD-Star 2

Active Tap with Error Capture & Dual Gateway for Automotive Ethernet

Device Specifications

  • neoVI 4G Architecture over 10x performance over previous devices
  • Power Consumption (typical): 0.5A @ 12.0 VDC
  • Power Supply: 4.5-36 Volt Power Operation
  • Multi colored LEDs to indicate status/activity on all the networks
  • Temperature Range: -40C to +85C
  • Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty
  • Firmware: Field upgradeable design (flash firmware)
  • RP1210 A/B compatible for CAN/ISO15765, Keyword, and ISO 9141
  • Isolated USB 2.0. Operates up to 240 Mbps throughput
  • Time synchronization – can sync its local 10ns resolution RTC with other Intrepid devices through CAN/ BroadR networks
  • Power management – supports sleep and wake up on CAN networks
  • Dimensions: 5.35” x 3.46” x 1.46” (13.6 x 8.8 x 3.7cm)
  •  Weight: 11.1oz (314.7g)

Networks – General

  • FPGA measured 64 bit timestamping with 10ns accuracy on all CAN/Ethernet networks.
  • Simultaneous operations on all CAN/Ethernet networks.
  • Transmit message double-buffering on all networks allows back to back message transmission.

2x 100BASE-T1(BroadR-Reach®) Channels

  • 2 BroadR-Reach® PHYs (BCM89810)
  • Automatic Master / Slave Configuration
  • Link Up / Down Status monitoring
  • Signal integrity monitoring
  • Ethernet error reporting through specially designed MAC.
  • 780ns Rx, 240ns Tx and 300ns internal latency (Total: 1,320ns)
  • PTP – Precision Time Protocol support
  • BroadR ports can be configured to be in Media converter/ Tap modes
  • LEDs in the membrane to display the link, activity, mode and signal strength for the BroadR networks
  • Implements Intrepid’s specially designed MAC layer. This allows future layer 2 changes as a firmware update to the device allowing same hardware to support growing industry changes.

Network Specifications

2x CAN FD Channels

  • 2 Dedicated ISO11898 Dual Wire CAN Physical Layer (MCP2561FD)
  • Software switchable between ISO CAN FD and Non ISO CAN FD versions
  • Up to 1 M-Bit Software Selectable Baud Rate for arbitration phase
  • Up to 8 M-Bit Software Selectable Baud Rate for data phase
  • Listen only mode support
  • CAN FD implemented using the Bosch MCAN CAN Controller IP