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RAD-IO2 Series

Isolated Analog, Digital or Temperature Interfaces to USB and CAN

The RAD-IO2 series is a family of ruggedized products that provide an isolated analog, digital or temperature interface to a PC via the PC’s USB port.

These tools can also be paired with Intrepid products that include a USB port such as neoVI RED 2, neoVI ION, neoVI FIRE 2, RAD-Galaxy, ValueCAN 4 Industrial and RAD-Mars. In addition, the RAD-IO2-CANHUB can power and convert the native UART signal to CAN or CAN FD for use in any CAN device.

The RAD-IO2 family communicates on an open source UART based serial communication protocol. Up to 3 to 4 devices can be daisy chained. The chain length is limited by current supplied to the chain through USB. All RAD-IO2 devices have input to output isolation, and 2.5kV isolation between each of the eight banks. Bank to bank isolation is important because it allows the common mode voltage of each input signal to be different than the other channels in other banks. (This is a major source of measurement error on non-isolated devices and can damage to the product.) Additionally, noise on one channel will not affect other channels.

Product Family

  • RAD-IO2-TC: 8 Isolated banks, each with 1 isolated channel of K-type thermocouple |  Buy RAD-IO2-TC
  • RAD-IO2-AIN: 8 Isolated banks, 1 channel per bank selectable between a high or low voltage input | Buy RAD-IO2-AIN
  • RAD-IO2-AOUT: 8 Isolated analog output banks, each with 3 analog outputs per bank | Buy RAD-IO2-AOUT
  • RAD-IO2-PWRRLY: 8 Isolated SPDT (single pole double throw) electro-mechanical relays | Buy RAD-IO2-PWRRLY
  • RAD-IO2-DIO: 12 digital/analog inputs and 8 digital outputs | Buy RAD-IO2-DIO
  • RAD-IO2-CANHUB: CAN interface for up to 3 to 4 RAD-IO2 devices | Buy RAD-IO2-CANHUB

Read on below for more information on each device.


  • 8 channels of isolated K-type thermocouple interface
  • 0.2°C resolution
  • Cold junction accuracy +/-0.5C (0C to 70C) +/- 1.0C (-40 to 125C)
  • 60Hz and 50Hz common mode rejection > 105dB
  • Standard MiniTC connector
  • Second order 150Hz filter


  • 8 banks of isolated analog inputs
  • Each bank has two sets of inputs, low and high voltage; Only one can be accessed at a time as a channel.
  • Low range: ±5V, ±4V, ±2V, ±1V, ±500mV, and ±250mV
  • High range: ±45V, ±36V, ±18V, ±9V, ±4.5 V, and ±2.2V
  • >800k Input impedance
  • 50Hz/60Hz common mode rejection > 105dB
  • Second order 150Hz filter


  • 8 Isolated digital to analog converters (DAC)
  • Each DAC (Bank) has three 0-5V analog outputs and one common ground line per bank
  • 8 banks of 3 channels each; 24 total
  • 16bit DAC
  • 76.3uV per bit
  • 5mA output current


  • 8x 250VAC 5A relays
  • Interface for NO/NC and Common
  • Switching power 60W/62.5VA and switching voltage 220VDC/250VAC
  • Dielectric and surge capability up to 2500Vrms between open contacts and 3000Vrms between coil and contacts
  • High mechanical shock resistance up to 300g functional


  • Includes 8 isolated banks with one common ground per bank
  • The first 4 banks are isolated inputs, with three 0-40V 12bit ADC inputs per bank (12 total) which can be configured as analog input or digital input with a programmable threshold (in 160mV steps).
  • The second 4 banks have two digital outputs that can be configured as separate digital channels or as an H-Bridge output. 8 total.
  • Each output can pass 5.5V to 40V at 6A (user supplied).
  • PWM programmable output


  • CAN FD interface for RAD-IO2
  • Supports up to 3 to 4 RAD-IO2 modules depending on the use case
  • Needed to interface RAD-IO2 devices to CAN bus
  • Powered from VBAT input on DB9 connector
  • CAN-HUB accepts 4.5VDC-40VDC

Possible Configurations:

Single RAD-IO2 unit to PC:

Multiple RAD-IO2 units to PC:

(Note: The specification for USB type A is 500mA, so unless a powered hub is used, users may be limited to 2 modules
per USB port if the laptop adheres to the spec.)

Single or multiple RAD-IO2 units to RAD-IO2-CANHUB:

Single or multiple RAD-IO2 units to neoVI ION, neoVI FIRE 3, neoVI FIRE 2, neoVI RED 2, or ValueCAN 4 Industrial :