RAD-IO2 Series

Isolated Analog, Digital or Temperature Interfaces to USB and CAN

Cables: Includes either a PC to USB-C OR a USB-C to USB-C jumper

Thermocouples: Not included

Accessories: Additional USB-C to USB-C jumper cables are available


  • Sampling rate: Max 1000 sps aggregate across all daisy chained modules, max 100 Hz per channel. For example, 24 channels would yield 1000 / 24 = ~41 samples per second.
  • Required voltage: 5VDC, supplied by USB PC port or or powered from the RAD-IO2-CANHUB
  • Current Requirements:
    • Max current per module: RAD-IO2-RELAY: 500 mA if all coils are energized, all others 250 mA
    • RAD-IO2-CANHUB can supply up to 2 Amps via DB9 connector
    • PC USB current supply varies – USB 2 supplies ~500 mA; USB 3 supplies ~900 mA
  • 2.5 kV channel to channel and channel to USB isolation
  • Direct to neoVI USB feature: neoVI ION, neoVI PLASMA, RAD-Galaxy*, neoVI FIRE 2*
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C
  • Dimensions: 208.8 mm x 80.0 mm x 31.9 mm (8.22″ x 3.15″ x 1.26″)
  • Weight: 500 g (1.1 lbs)
  • Includes: Diagnostic and calibration program, APIs and examples for Python, C, C++, and Java

* Future with software update

Accessory and cable notes:

  • All RAD-IO2 module purchases include one ruggedized cable with USB-A to USB-C to connect from the RAD-IO2 to the PC, neoVI FIRE 2, neoVI ION, and neoVI PLASMA. If more cables are required, the part number is neoRAD-IO2 USB-C USB-A.
  • All RAD-IO2 module purchases include one ruggedized USB-C to USB-C jumper cable to daisy chain units together. Part number: neoRAD-IO2-JMP
  • The push-in mating connector for all modules (except the thermocouple module) are included. If spares are needed, use P/N 1778858 and purchase from one of many Phoenix Contact distributors.
  • Thermocouples are not included with the purchase of the TC module.
  • Brackets with fasteners are included with each module to firmly attach multiple modules.
  • The CAN-HUB is powered from the DB9 connector. A cable to power it and access the CAN outputs is sold separately or users can easily make one. P/N: RAD-IO2-CH-PWRC