Learn About Vehicle Spy’s NEW Post-Analysis Feature, DataSpy – Webinar Recording!

DataSpy Webinar

July 4, 2024

Available Now!

Discover how DataSpy can help you quickly gain deeper insights from your data and collaborate seamlessly with your team on a PC or over the cloud. Follow along as Intrepid’s Senior Director of Business Development, John Mitchell, dives into:

  • An overview of DataSpy’s basic plotting features using MDF or SQLiteDB file formats
  • Analyzing multiple files simultaneously with the auto-open consecutive files feature
  • Searching for complex events across thousands of data files with ease
  • Correlating vehicle network data with GPS mapping data efficiently
  • Analyzing individual frames from multiple cameras time-aligned with vehicle network data
  • Reviewing the free version of DataSpy integrated into Vehicle Spy starting with v3.9.16.4
  • Exploring cloud-based features of DataSpy integrated into our cloud-based logger interface software, Wireless neoVI
  • Examining cloud-based features of DataSpy running on a server without Wireless neoVI
  • And MUCH More!!

Now integrated into our standard network interface software, Vehicle Spy, you can try out this new, cutting-edge data analysis tool for yourself! Fill out the form below and someone from our team will be in touch!

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