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Intrepid Events

July 4, 2024

Event Recaps

Intrepid is excited to share some highlights from our recent events and tradeshows! We also want to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who attended and took the time to connect with us. Your participation and enthusiasm were greatly appreciated and we’re thrilled to see the continued innovation and progress in this exciting industry!

Dive into our recap below and make sure to follow Intrepid on all of our social media accounts to stay up to date on upcoming announcements!

Intrepid’s SDV Social

Intrepid’s first annual SDV Social was a great success, thanks to your support! If you were unable to attend, feel free to check out some photos and highlights from the event on our Facebook page. We are also happy to announce that you can now watch the full video of the panel discussion on our Youtube channel, as well as listen to it via Spotify on our panel host Carl Anthony‘s podcast, AutoVision News Radio

Follow along as our industry experts Colt Correa, Paul Fleck, and Marty Gubow discuss the future of Software-Defined Vehicles and their impact on both local and global manufacturers, key elements of SDVs, what adaptations must be made to vehicle network architecture to transition to this new model, and much more!

Keysight Open House

Intrepid teamed up with Keysight Technologies at their annual Open House in Novi to demonstrate 10BASE-T1S Protocol Decoding! 

Watch this brief video to see our RAD-Meteor devices communicate seamlessly using a multi-drop configuration in Intrepid’s Vehicle Spy Software, paired with Keysight’s Mixed Signal Oscilloscope. Learn how these tools can create and decode custom Ethernet packets, including ARP, IPv4, and PTP, per Open Alliance standards.

Check out this short highlight reel from the ADAS & AV Tech Expo and Automotive Testing Expo Europe to see our EU/UK teams showcasing our latest tools and services in style!

Lastly, follow along as our team provides an exclusive walkthrough of the Congress of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Technology show in Beijing!

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