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Intrepid’s Vehicle Network Interface for Linux

Intrepid's Vehicle Network Interface for Linux

May 2, 2024

As the landscape of software-defined vehicles (SDVs) continues to evolve, so does the need for robust Linux support in SDV test tools and software. At Intrepid, we’re committed to meeting this demand head-on by offering a suite of products with cross-platform compatibility.

Open Source API

Our Intrepid neoVI Library provides comprehensive support for Linux through our open-source API, libicsneo. Whether you’re working with CAN, CAN FD, or Automotive Ethernet, our API has you covered.

Intrepid’s libicsneo


Affordable Interface Solutions

Need an affordable Isolated Analog, Digital or Temperature Interface to USB and CAN FD that can be programmed using our open source API?

We have you covered.

  • RAD-IO2 Series: The RAD-IO2 series is a family of ruggedized products that provide an isolated analog, digital or temperature interface to a PC via the PC’s USB port.
  • RAD-IO2-TC: 8 Isolated banks, each with 1 isolated channel of K-type thermocouple
  • RAD-IO2- AIN: 8 Isolated banks, 1 channel per bank selectable between a high or low voltage input
  • RAD-IO2- AOUT: 8 Isolated analog output banks, each with 3 analog outputs per bank
  • RAD-IO2- PWRRLY: 8 Isolated SPDT (single pole double throw) electro-mechanical relays
  • RAD-IO2- DIO: 12 digital/analog inputs and 8 digital outputs
  • RAD-IO2- CANHUB: CAN interface for up to 3 to 4 RAD-IO2 devices

RAD-IO2 API on GitHub


Vehicle Spy on Linux with Python Engine

Unlike traditional tools, our platform empowers you to unlock the full potential of Python scripting while offering unparalleled flexibility, minimizing costs and maximizing both value and efficiency! By leveraging the extensive capabilities of Python, you gain access to every module within Vehicle Spy X’s core. Seamlessly integrate your preferred Python code with our comprehensive library of functions to tailor your testing processes precisely to your needs.

Key Applications for Linux:

  • Test Automation
  • AUTOSAR RestBus Simulation
  • Virtual ECU Testing
  • Protocol Conformance Testing
  • Test Report Generation
  • Python Integration with your CI/CD System

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