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Fleet Management: Wireless Vehicle Data Logging, Real-Time Analytics, & Advanced Platform Solutions

August 28, 2023

The motivation behind Wireless neoVI Analytics (WiVI) is to address the issue of engineers spending their time on data reports, key performance indicators, and quantifying product-related information. WiVI Analytics allows for efficient data processing from WiVI servers to provide live or near real-time metrics, reducing the need for time-consuming reports and enabling engineers to identify crucial insights quickly.

WiVI Analytics offers customized dashboards to showcase relevant metrics for fleet management, DTC tracking, and logger health. Additionally, Intrepid can create bespoke dashboards for customers’ specific IP data, automatically generating reports once data is uploaded. The system visualizes key metric data in various ways, facilitating detailed analysis while also enabling an overview of multiple vehicle platforms. This complete ecosystem empowers customers to log, upload, plot, trend, and analyze data efficiently, leading to higher efficiency, real value for OEMs, and improved engineering processes.

Overall, WiVI Analytics represents a significant advancement in Intrepid’s offerings, streamlining data management and providing engineers with invaluable insights to enhance product development and quality control. Wireless neoVI Analytics is the ultimate solution for data-driven decision making in the automotive industry.

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