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Automate Your Vehicle Data Collection and Reporting using Wireless neoVI and DataSpy

August 30, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive engineering, innovation is the driving force behind advancements in vehicle performance and functionality. We’re thrilled to introduce you to an extraordinary product that’s set to transform the way engineers analyze and collaborate on data: the Wireless neoVI by Intrepid Control Systems. 

Wireless neoVI: A New Era of Data Analysis – a cloud-based data logging and analysis system that promises to redefine the way engineers interact with and draw insights from their data. Our Youtube video demo begins with a neoOBD 2 simulator on the left, enclosed in translucent housing. This simulator is equipped with four potentiometers that emulate sensor inputs. These potentiometers enable engineers to vary voltage and, consequently, generate data that is then transmitted over the CAN or CAN FD using a diagnostic connector. The data transmission is seamlessly captured and logged by the neoVI FIRE 3, a powerful device equipped with 16 dual-wire CAN networks and 8 Local Interconnect Network (LIN) networks. neoVI FIRE 3 also comes with a FlexRay option, making the neoVI FIRE 3 an all-encompassing solution for various data logging needs. 

The neoVI FIRE 3’s onboard capabilities are impressive: it boasts not one but two SD card slots, each capable of accommodating a whopping four terabyte of data. This dual SD card setup allows engineers to maximize their data logging efforts. The FIRE 3 diligently logs data to these SD cards while offline. However, when connected to Wi-Fi or cellular networks, engineers can seamlessly upload their logged data to Intrepid Control Systems’ cloud-based server—a platform accessible through any web browser. 

Integration with RAD-IO2-TC Series: The demo also showcases the RAD-IO2-TC series, a set of devices that magnify the capabilities of the FIRE 3. This series empowers engineers to read data from 8 thermocouples per device, with subsequent data transmission over CAN or CAN FD to the FIRE 3. These devices can be daisy-chained to extend the range of inputs. Variants within the RAD-IO2 series include devices for reading analog inputs, thermocouples, and even controlling relays and reading digital signals. 

DataSpy: A Game-Changer in Data Analysis Perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of the Wireless neoVI is its cloud-based data analysis and collaboration features. The interface, accessible through a web browser, eliminates the need for additional software installations. Whether you’re at home or in the office, accessing your data is as seamless as logging into a website. A standout feature lies in the implementation of time cursors. By holding down a designated key and clicking on a data plot, engineers can instantly create markers within the data. These markers hold the potential to become invaluable references during collaborative analysis. The system even allows for the creation of shareable links to specific data views. Send this link to a colleague, and they’ll find themselves looking at the exact same data, with markers in place. This real-time collaboration, unburdened by data transfer and synchronization woes, heralds a new era in effective teamwork. 

Data Analysis Redefined The Wireless neoVI by Intrepid Control Systems marks a turning point in data analysis and collaboration within the automotive engineering realm. With its cloud-based architecture, real-time sharing capabilities, and versatility in data capture, it’s poised to empower engineers to reach new heights of efficiency and innovation. The cloud-based platform ensures an efficient and impactful collaborative experience, allowing colleagues to analyze and work together seamlessly. Contact Intrepid Control Systems for a Wireless neoVI demo.

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