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“The Zoom of Automotive Testing”. Intrepid’s solution to testing vehicles from home!

April 23, 2020

Accessing Your Data, Test Cells, Benches, Vehicles, and Test Fleets when working from home

Most customers are still wrestling with the challenges of working at home. This can be particularly difficult when there is a test cell, bench, or vehicle for which you need access, but you cannot “remote in” to a local PC for whatever reason.

Management feels this pain even more acutely — we are trying to keep our people productive, yet cybersecurity and technical challenges to access testing data, benches, and vehicles may stop them from continuing to work efficiently.

In addition, they regularly have to access vast amounts of data which is confidential to work remotely. “Sneaker-net” is impractical and what happens if your storage media gets lost or misplaced?  Even if they find a device with high-bandwidth logging and high storage capacity, how do they offload and analyze terabytes of data? Moving all this data around is very inefficient.

If you’re lucky enough to have a test bench or test vehicle at home (yes, some of us do!) there is the problem of getting all that data to the rest of our colleagues. At best it will be very hard to store that data on your computer, and will take lots of time to upload to servers for other teams to access it.  In this article, we’re going to share some insights on how to do your testing at home.

Say Goodbye to Manual Data Logging and Say Hello to Cloud Testing!

Obviously, gathering data manually is not only labor-intensive but also getting the vehicle in hand is challenging for some people. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid having to physically access your data logger device multiple times, offloading data, updating scripts, and exporting data manually? if you could just plug in your device once and fully remote control your device from home? Export your data automatically as it is sent? Post-process data without having to download the data to your computer?

This is exactly what our Wireless neoVI system allows you to do. In addition to sending your vehicle data to your company’s secure server using 4G or Wifi, our loggers give you full control of your device remotely. This includes changing your logger script from the comfort of your home.

To learn more about how to remotely capture from your captive test fleet and remote test benches, watch our 25-minute presentation from Intrepid Tech Day 2020 at https://youtu.be/ZCIaM0aZpe8.

Instantly analyze and share your data

Wireless neoVI has an optional feature for data analytics called DataSpy. This will allow you to process and analyze all of your signals in a single view from a dozen to hundreds, without having to download any of your data sets. It’s like having social media for data analytics, because you don’t have to wait for handoffs, software installation, or emailing data back and forth with screenshots when all your team members or suppliers can simply share a link to the DataSpy view. For example, if you have hundreds of test vehicles that are having a battery drain problem and you want your team to see a specific set of data, use DataSpy. You can simply highlight and pinpoint any data and share the view instantly with your team members. It’s extremely fast and your team can dive further into the data set. Using Wireless neoVI with DataSpy makes it easy and secure for all your team members to collaborate and analyze data at home.  Make instantaneous reports 

With the rise of automation, there is an increasing expectation for engineers to make more and more reports on the vast amount of data. Using spreadsheets and CSV files may be familiar, but are outdated and painful to use — especially on very large data sets.  Integrated Post Analysis makes reporting your data easier by preparing data and designing visual reports in a single web application.

Learn more about DataSpy and IPA in a 30-minute video at https://youtu.be/wfRuipPPUTI

If any of the above is of interest to you, please feel free to contact your regional office to have a discussion about your specific requirements.

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