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Wireless Data Logging – without the headache!

May 20, 2020

Wireless Data Logging – without the headache!

Here’s an all too familiar scenario: You’ve decided it is time to automate your vehicle testing using wireless data loggers but you don’t have a logger and can’t afford one at the moment. Also, you’ve heard rumors about major problems with wireless loggers such as not being able to capture all your data if you suddenly lose your VPN or cellular connection. And what about security?  Is your data really secure on someone else’s computer?  

These problems are very real. You are not alone as you tackle these issues. At Intrepid, we listened intently to customer concerns and developed a robust series of tools to make wireless data logging convenient, reliable, and secure. 

Reliable Wireless Data Logging with Built-in Redundancy

Intrepid’s data loggers are designed to work in standalone mode with or without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. This gives you the freedom to do your testing where your cellular connection won’t reach. neoVI loggers are always storing your vehicle data on its built-in SD card, In the case of a connection drop, Intrepid’s logger will temporarily pause your vehicle data upload and when your cellular connection returns, the logger will start uploading the data from the SD card right away. Testing time and data are valuable and sometimes redundancy just makes sense. To learn more about Wireless neoVI watch our 25-minute presentation from Intrepid Tech Day Digital 2020 at https://youtu.be/ZCIaM0aZpe8

Easy to Configure Software – Get up and running fast!

It shouldn’t take hours to configure your data loggers to do basic tasks. Intrepid’s Vehicle Spy software is easy to use and extremely powerful. Even those with no previous data logging experience can get started in just minutes. Vehicle Spy can do everything from generating scripts to creating trigger data collection based on user-defined events. Use Vehicle Spy to tell your logger to save data to its internal storage or to wirelessly transmit it to a server at scheduled times based on data analysis results. The possibilities are endless. Watch this two minute video to learn how to set up your first logging script using Vehicle Spy: https://youtu.be/_kqQLRws_Hg

Secure and Affordable

We believe that your company data is most secure when stored on your own server and not someone else’s. Also, we understand that as your needs change and evolve over time, your data collection must be scalable, whether you need 5 terabytes or thousands of terabytes worth of storage space. Many wireless data logging providers take advantage of cloud storage options and charge customers based on their usage or data collection. Intrepid does not do that. Instead, we give you the ability to capture as much information from your vehicle as you want without having to worry about any hidden storage fees. Intrepid’s Wireless neoVI solution helps you scale and secure your data for an affordable price. 

Create Gateway and Run Inside the Hardware

Given the rapid adoption of automotive gateways, it has become more challenging to test vehicle fleets remotely. To solve this problem, Intrepid has created a Gateway Builder feature in Vehicle Spy that allows you to simply drag and drop one vehicle network to another network. Scripts can be configured and monitored remotely with ease. In addition, gateway scripts can run inside Intrepid’s data loggers to give you speed and security. Watch this tutorial to learn how to create automotive gateways using Vehicle Spy https://youtu.be/4g3vjKfUGKw 

If any of the above is of interest to you, please feel free to contact your regional office to have a discussion about your specific requirements.

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