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Wireless Battery Management System (wBMS) Monitoring Solution

Intrepid has partnered with Analog Devices to create a state of the art battery cell measurement and network testing hardware using the wBMS (Wireless Battery Management System®) technology. The RAD-wBMS is an adaptor designed to interface between ADI’s electric vehicle wBMS and legacy test platforms in a variety of use cases. It contains ADI wBMS radios and isoSPI interfaces with which to control and configure the wireless network components along with DW CAN-FD, 100Base-T and USB interfaces with which to connect to legacy test platforms.

The RAD-wBMS comes pre installed with ADI’s wireless interface API (WIL) allowing easy control of the ADI wBMS network. RAD-wBMS combines Analog Devices’ wBMS technology to deliver a complete solution for monitoring critical parameters of battery systems in real time using Vehicle Spy 3 software. Parameters monitored include cell voltage, cell current, ambient temperature, cell/unit voltage, impedance, and temperature. The RAD-wBMS is compatible with many battery chemistries such as VLA, VRLA, and Li-Ion battery types.


  • Engineering development of wireless network components
  • Engineering development of wireless battery modules and packs
  • Manufacture and assembly of wireless battery modules and packs
  • Inventory management of wireless battery modules and packs
  • Vehicle assembly for wireless battery pack configuration
  • Vehicle servicing for wireless battery module and pack configuration


  • Wirelessly monitor up to 24 wBMS nodes (12 cells/node) in dual
    manager configuration
  • 2x isoSPI interfaces
  • 2x DW CAN-FD channels
  • 2x software enabled CAN terminations
  • 1x 100 Megabit Ethernet (10/100BASE-TX) for use with DoIP, XCPoE
    and more
  • 10x Programmable tri-color LEDs
  • Membrane LEDs to show link, error, and activity status
RAD-wBMS End Plate
RAD-wBMS End Plate