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Wireless Battery Management System (wBMS) for Automotive Overview

September 12, 2023

Intrepid has partnered with Analog Devices to create a state of the art battery cell measurement and network testing hardware using the wBMS (Wireless Battery Management System®) technology. The RAD-wBMS is an adaptor designed to interface between ADI’s electric vehicle wBMS and legacy test platforms in a variety of use cases. It contains ADI wBMS radios and isoSPI interfaces with which to control and configure the wireless network components along with DW CAN-FD, 100BASE-T and USB interfaces with which to connect to legacy test platforms.

The RAD-wBMS comes pre installed with ADI’s wireless interface API (WIL) allowing easy control of the ADI wBMS network. RAD-wBMS combines Analog Devices’ wBMS technology to deliver a complete solution for monitoring critical parameters of battery systems in real time using Vehicle Spy 3 software. Parameters monitored include cell voltage, cell current, ambient temperature, cell/unit voltage, impedance, and temperature. The RAD-wBMS is compatible with many battery chemistries such as VLA, VRLA, and Li-Ion battery types.

Learn how this cutting-edge technology is improving manufacturability, reliability, and serviceability while enhancing safety, reducing costs, and boosting performance. Discover the challenges and opportunities of implementing this technology in the automotive industry and gain insights into the future of wireless battery management. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve!

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