10BASE-T1S with MACsec – MicroChip Demo at CES 2024

RAD-Comet 2

January 31, 2024

In this demonstration from CES 2024, we are thrilled to have Microchip Technology Inc. present our RAD-Comet, 10BASE-T1S demo, with a special focus on MACsec (Layer 2 security protocol for Ethernet).

Discover the dynamic capabilities of this technology as we:

  • Monitor all traffic on a twisted pair Ethernet in-vehicle network
  • Obtain valuable insights into network activity
  • Showcase real-time control through message capture
  • Demonstrate simultaneous control over all servos
  • Secure vulnerabilities through the implementation of MACsec
  • Implement robust intrusion detection and prevention measures

This 10BASE-T1S and MACsec demo, in collaboration with Microchip’s solutions, highlights the importance of robust security protocols in vehicle networks. Stay tuned for more innovations from the Intrepid team and partners!

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