IVNT-03 Network Specification

8 x CAN / CAN FD Channels

  • 8 x ISO CAN FD Channels implemented using the industry standard Bosch MCAN CAN FD Core
  • CAN 2.0B compatible for all Classical CAN Networks
  • Software selectable between ISO CAN FD and NON ISO CAN FD (BOSCH CAN FD)
  • 6 Dedicated ISO11898 Dual Wire CAN FD Physical Layer (MCP2561FD)
  • 2 Selectable CAN Channels with CAN mode and 3 software-selectable PHY options
    • DW CAN mode: 2 dedicated ISO 11898 Dual Wire CAN FD physical layers (MCP2561FD)
    • LSFT CAN mode: 2 Low Speed Fault Tolerant CAN physical layers (TJA1055)
    • SW CAN mode: 2 Single Wire CAN physical layers GMW3089 / SAE J2411(MC33897)
      • Single Wire High Speed Mode, Test Tool Resistor, and High Voltage Wakeup support
  • Up to 1 Mb/s software-selectable baud rate for arbitration phase (auto baud capable)
  • Up to 8 Mb/s software-selectable baud rate for data phase (auto baud capable)
  • Listen-only mode support
  • Four software programmable DW CAN termination circuits

4 x LIN (Local Interconnect Network)

  • 4 x LIN (Local Interconnect)
  • Full support for LIN 1.X, 2.X and J2602
  • LIN J2602 / 2.X compatible physical layer
  • Software enabled 1K LIN Master Resistor per channel
  • LIN Bus Monitor Mode identifies errors: Sync Break Error State and  Length, Sync Wave Error, Message ID parity, TFrameMax/Slave Not  Responding, Checksum Error and Transmit Bit Errors
  • LIN Bus Master Mode operates at same time as LIN Bus Monitor
  • LIN Bus Slave simulation – with or without an LDF file
  • LIN Bus hardware schedule table with support for LIN diagnostics
  • Software-selectable baud rate