IEEE Plugfest

Intrepid 10BASE-T1S Plugfest is a two day testing event at the 2022 IEEE SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day focusing on the interoperability of different T1S devices in the same network.

The primary objective of the Plugfest is to evaluate the interoperability, speed and reliability of multiple 10BASE-T1S devices and test tools based on the IEEE 802.3cg standard.

This year’s event will feature an Intrepid new 10BASE-T1S device with on-site testing conducted by Intrepid Control Systems staff.

What to bring to actively join the online race game?

  • Your 10BASE-T1S device node with switchable termination
    • Termination should be easily configurable
  • Any computer/platform that is able to run Linux (Raspberry PI 4 Recommended)
    • Your 10BASE-T1S device must be connected to the Linux platform (via USB, Eth, GPIO, etc)
    • The race application files will be installed via USB to your Linux platform
    • 4GB of free space
  • Keyboard/Joystick

What to bring to simply read/sniff/bridge the network?

  • Your 10BASE-T1S tool (spy node, switch, oscilloscope, etc)

Network Parameters

  • NodeID must be configurable
  • Max Node Count = 8
  • PLCA Enabled = TRUE
  • Transmit Opportunity (TO) must be configurable.
    • IEEE value shall be used (32bit time)
  • Linux Ethernet Adapter Settings must be configurable (IP, Mask,etc)

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