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Interactive Vehicle Networking Demo Unveiled at MTI

Carl Hills, Managing Director, UK at Intrepid Control Systems explaining the demo to a volunteer

September 27, 2022

An automotive networking and data systems provider is showcasing an interactive demonstration at the MIRA Technology Institute to support awareness and understanding of the latest skills driving the automotive revolution.

Intrepid Control Systems, based at the MIRA Technology Park, is keen to highlight how its work is helping car manufacturers to develop prototypes more efficiently via a simulation that can control the instrument cluster of any vehicle using a dedicated electronic control unit (ECU) and customizable touch screen technology.

The demo shows the versatility of vehicle networking tools and software in reverse engineering, simulation and the custom user interface using the dedicated tools in its Vehicle Spy 3 software suite. The software enables OEMs to override any ECU and take control of the instrument cluster, simulating a realistic response for prototype development.

Carl Hills, Managing Director, UK at Intrepid Control Systems said, “We were delighted to unveil our latest interactive demo at the MTI and hope that students and visitors will enjoy trying it out. We are always keen to support the MTI because it delivers the essential skills that our industry needs, as well as providing awareness and inspiration for the next generation of automotive engineers.

“Our business is part of a wider eco-system at the MIRA Technology Park where auto developers are using testing facilities and students are being exposed to the latest technology. The MTI is helping to bridge the gap between education and careers, and we strongly believe that engaging with live demos helps to bring the challenges of the auto revolution to life.”

The vehicle networking demonstration, situated in the atrium at the MTI, is designed to support the prototype development process by enabling designers to take control of the instrumentation of any vehicle, whether they are using an existing platform in a pre-production ‘mule’ or lab car. Intrepid Control Systems has developed a gateway linked to a touchscreen display which enables engineers to visualise the driving experience via the instrument cluster as part of a ‘vehicle in the loop’ (VIL) system. As all data from the simulation is recorded, engineers can test vehicle functions and perform diagnostics that support certification of prototypes.

Earlier this year, Intrepid Control Systems sponsored a speed networking event held at the MTI for more than 70 school pupils from across the region, matching them to ambassadors from the auto sector and helping to raise awareness of career opportunities.

Lisa Bingley, Operations Director for the MTI said, “We are grateful to Intrepid Control Systems for their support. Developing the sector’s workforce always works best when students can see how the skills that they are learning work in practice. There is nothing like being able to try out the technology for yourself to inspire an interest in learning more.”

The MTI is helping to create specialist skills in some of the new emerging technology areas including electrification and driverless cars. Since it first opened its doors, the MTI has welcomed over 32,000 students and delegates. This includes over 1,100 studying for accredited qualifications from a Level 1 Institute of the Motor Industry certificate up to Masters’ degrees, and over 700 following apprenticeships at all levels. More than 10,000 automotive professionals have taken part in professional development activities.

Pictured left: Lisa Bingley, Operations Director for the MIRA Technology Institute Pictured right: Carl Hills, Managing Director, UK at Intrepid Control Systems

Marion Plant, OBE FCGI, Chair of the MTI Operations Board, and Principal and Chief Executive North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College said, “The MTI’s relationship with Intrepid Control Systems is a fantastic example of how we are embedding skills training in the heart of the auto industry. Our partnership with HORIBA MIRA provides exposure to some of the businesses based at the MIRA Technology Park who are working at the forefront of automotive technology development, enabling our students to enjoy first hand practical demonstrations like this.”

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