Automotive Audio Bus and Network Monitoring Solution

Intrepid has partnered with Analog Devices to create a state-of-the art A2B (Automotive Audio Bus®) testing tool. A2B technology allows a two-Wire interface to transmit audio and control data using a multi-source audio system. This technology enables low cost transmission of audio, active noise cancellation and in-vehicle voice recognition from any part of the vehicle.

RAD-A2B combines Analog Devices’ A2B technology with two CAN/CAN-FD transceivers and one LIN channel to allow mixed network messages in one time stamped log. The RAD-A2B tool includes one channel for A2B receive-only monitoring and one channel that can act as an emulator node.

The A2B tool works in harmony with the Intrepid Controls world renowned Vehicle Spy application. In Vehicle Spy, you can view A2B live data, control frames, I²C data, real-time audio meters for visual reference, and the ability to capture streams. When used as an emulator node, full A2B node simulation including downstream flashing is allowed (available with future update).


  • Copies A2B bus traffic without any latency
  • Decoding A2B superframes and A2B errors
  • Monitor multi-channel live audio in real time with upstream and downstream audio levels
  • Initialize Node track and view topology
  • Single tool to monitor I2C data, GPIO states and interrupts events on A2B bus
  • Use as interface with J2534 and RP1210 support over USB 2.0 (GM DPS, Ford DET, DiagRA, Chrysler CDA)
  • Quickly assemble prototype A2B systems to characterize performance and evaluate trade-offs well in advance of production proto- types.
RAD-A2B End Plates


  • 1x A2B Bus Monitor Node
  • 1x A2B Emulator Node
  • 2x DW CAN-FD channels
  • 2x software enabled CAN termination
  • 1x LIN channel
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) for use with DoIP, XCPoE and more; the 1000BASE-T port can be used in conjunction with Rad-Moon or Rad-Moon2 converters to add Automotive Ethernet to the setup.
  • 10x Programmable tri-color LEDs
  • Membrane LEDs to show link, error, and activity status
  • Phantom power capable 1.5W (300 mA / 5V)
  • Integrate with third-party software using Intrepid’s open source APIs