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Intrepid Control Systems to Unveil neoVI Pi™ Robust and Open Raspberry Pi 4 Platform For Automotive At CES 2023

neoVI PI

December 7, 2022

Vehicle Network Interface with Integrated Data Logger, built on the Raspberry Pi

TROY, MICHIGAN, USA — December 7, 2022 — Intrepid Control Systems, Inc. continues to drive innovation by introducing the neoVI PI. The neoVI PI is the automotive industry’s first open and robust platform for the Raspberry Pi. The neoVI Pi allows OEMs and automotive vehicle researchers to replace DIY vehicle network tools with an all-in-one device that is designed to work in the automotive environment.

This affordable device solves the problems encountered in using the Raspberry Pi in automotive applications. It’s ready to use in the automotive environment, allowing use with automotive power ranges, in-vehicle and bench applications, and provides a ruggedized enclosure. You can avoid additional development, get to market faster, and create your solution faster The neoVI PI is powerful enough to solve your vehicle network problems, yet small enough to fit in your backpack.

The neoVI PI has a built-in Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Module (RPi4 CM) that contains quad 64-bit processors and a gigabit Ethernet port, paired with Intrepid’s CAN FD technology. This allows you to simulate, test and datalog with the flexibility that the Raspberry Pi 4 Compute allows. The neoVI Pi contains an automotive-grade power supply supporting 5 to 60 V input. It also includes an additional Raspberry Pi Pico for real-time tasks. The neoVI PI also has two ValueCAN4-2 network adaptors integrated into its design, providing a total of 4 CAN-FD networks. In addition, all pin headers from the RPi 4 Compute are exposed internally for easy expansion and modification, or rerouting to the DB9 connector for a more customized solution.

This open platform works with all Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Modules with or without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. neoVI Pi can be configured to hold up to 4 Terabytes of storage using a M.2 NVMe SSD slot. HDMI and USB ports are provided to get full access to the Raspberry Pi OS. 

In addition to being an affordable, all-in-one vehicle interface, the neoVI PI can also be paired with 100/1000BASE-T1 Media Converters such as Intrepid’s RAD-Moon and RAD-Moon 2, You can also add Thermocouple, Voltage, and Pulse measurement and Relay, Analog or pulse control easily using Intrepid’s RAD-IO2. You can also add cellular support via RAD-4G for Wireless Data Logging. The neoVI Pi is the only open system that is designed to bring all the power of Raspberry Pi 4 technology and automotive vehicle network technology into one unit at a reasonable price. 

The neoVI Pi is featured in the Powered by Raspberry Pi product catalog and it is available to order immediately. To learn more, please visit  our booth at CES in the Tech East, LVCC, West Hall Booth 3761 or contact our sales team at icssales@intrepidcs.com

About Intrepid Control Systems

Intrepid Control Systems continues to innovate tools and solutions for automotive networks for over 28 years. Intrepid was the first company to introduce a data logger designed specifically for autonomous vehicles, and the first data logger for Automotive Ethernet. Intrepid designs and produces hardware and software tools for engineers in vehicle, autonomy, connectivity, Automotive Ethernet, and embedded engineering. Intrepid has offices in the United States, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Korea, and Australia for direct sales and support.

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