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Overview of SerDes Camera/LiDAR Sensor Data Logging and Gatewaying Information Between Networks

June 22, 2022

Today’s autonomous vehicles come with no shortage of challenges. Helping overcome these challenges, automotive engineers use Rad-Mars to simulate, capture, analyze, and gateway signals across seven different networks. The landscape of the software-defined vehicle changes every day so engineers need flexible test equipment to meet these challenges. This presentation will show how you can record, synchronize and replay CAN, LiDAR and SerDes data. The underlining functions to enable this include High bandwidth and high capacity data storage, the ability to record and forward ethernet and CAN traffic, and the ability to simulate missing devices on a bus or network. Data is time aligned during capture, and once data is extracted it can be translated into multiple industry formats such as MDF, ASC, BLF, CSV, PCAP, MAT. All of this supports the testing stage of the overall data life cycle for Software-In-The-Loop, Processor-In-The-Loop, Model-In-The-Loop, and Hardware-In-The-Loop.

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