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Making a great graphical panel doesn’t have to be hard

December 9, 2022

🚗 Take your #VehicleSpy skills to the next level 🚀

Watch this advanced Graphical Panels video, where we show you how to create your own panels to display and control your own tests, simulations, and projects.

▶ Vehicle Spy Graphical Panels are similar to the graphical user interface (GUI) of an application.

▶ One person can create a set of graphical panels and distribute them to others. For example, a veteran Vehicle Spy user can create easy-to-use panels for colleagues who may have little or no experience with the software.

▶ A number of different tools can be added to each panel, including graphs, bargraphs, transmit buttons, drop-down boxes, test buttons, meters, knobs, LEDs/lights, text displays, and numeric entry boxes. You can create as many graphical panels as you like, and float them so they will always be visible within Vehicle Spy.

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