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Join the NeoMore and Intrepid TechDay in Paris 4.April 2023!

Techday Paris 2023

March 1, 2023

Maison des Entreprises de Versailles Grand Parc, 2 place de Touraine, 78000 Versailles

We are hosting a TechDay for our French customers and will present the lastesd products and software updates.

The main topics of the agenda are listed below:

  • Meet the Next Generation Vehicle Interface Tools and Data Loggers – Introducing neoVI-FIRE 3 and neoVI-RED 2
  • Everything you need to know about Remote Data Logging and Fleet Management
  • What is Wireless Battery Management System (wBMS) for Electric Vehicles?
  • Automotive Audio Bus (A2B®) Infotainment Tool and Network Monitoring Solutions
  • What’s new in Vehicle Spy 3 software and how it will improve your productivity and efficiency
  • Automotive Ethernet Network Architecture for vehicles – Introducing the new 10BASE-T1S standard
  • Meet the Automotive Industry’s first robust platform for the Raspberry PI – Introducing the

On the event we will have good catering and demo systems to showcase the functionality of the different products.

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