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Introducing RAD-wBMS : Wireless Battery Management System Monitoring Solution

June 29, 2022

Intrepid Control Systems, in collaboration with Analog Devices, have created a state-of-the-art battery cell measurement and network testing tool for supporting OEMs and Tier 1s when implementing wBMS (Wireless Battery Management System®) technology into EV battery pack designs.

Watch this video to learn about Wireless Battery Management System (wBMS) for electric vehicles. Learn more about RAD-wBMS features and applications.

“The wBMS technology draws on two important fields: sensing & measurement and RF communications. The wBMS technology is a complete solution that is easy for the automotive manufacturer to integrate into a battery pack design. It includes a wireless cell monitoring controller (wCMC) unit for each battery module, and a wireless manager unit to control the communications network, which connects multiple battery modules wirelessly to the ECU.” from Analog Devices.

End Plate

RAD-wBMS offers engineers several features and advantages including:

  • Ability to read and decode all the wBMS data wirelessly
    • e.g. Cell or total voltages, temperature, and computation results (SoC, SoH, SoP)
  • Ability to display network metadata for system integrity confirmation
  • Applicable use cases:
    • Battery test cell data collection
    • Battery pack assembly and production inventory data collection
    • CAN-BUS gateway of the wBMS data to other network ECUs or for independent data logging (e.g. Intrepid cloud-based data logging hardware and software solutions)

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