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Intrepid Control Systems Introduces RAD-Meteor and RAD-Comet: Revolutionizing Automotive Ethernet Networks

July 5, 2023

In the rapidly evolving world of automotive technology, there is a constant demand for more efficient and cost-effective communication networks. With the rise of newer technologies, legacy networks like CAN FD and FlexRay face challenges in keeping up with the increasing demands of modern vehicles. Intrepid Control Systems, a leading provider of innovative solutions for the automotive industry, has introduced two groundbreaking products that support the cutting-edge 10BASE-T1S Automotive Ethernet Network. In this video, we will explore the features and advantages of these products, the RAD-Meteor and RAD-Comet, which are poised to revolutionize automotive Ethernet networks. 

The Power of 10BASE-T1S

The 10BASE-T1S Ethernet Network represents a new era in automotive communication. Built on a BUS or multi-drop topology, it offers significant cost savings, reduced cable requirements, and decreased weight compared to legacy networks. This technology competes favorably with networks like CAN FD and FlexRay while providing enhanced functionality for modern vehicles. Intrepid Control Systems recognized the potential of 10BASE-T1S and developed products to harness its power.

Introducing the RAD-Meteor

The RAD-Meteor is a compact, cost-effective device encased in plastic. It features a screen and buttons that allow users to interact with its functionalities easily. The device connects to a single 10BASE-T1S network and interfaces with a host computer via USB. Once connected, the RAD-Meteor enumerates itself as an Ethernet NIC (Network Interface Controller), providing seamless integration with existing systems. Each button on the RAD-Meteor allows users to put the physical layer of the chip into different test modes for 10BASE-T1S. Whether it’s testing for time jitter, high impedance mode, or droop, the RAD-Meteor offers versatility and flexibility. Additionally, users can download scripts to transmit data, expanding the device’s capabilities and adaptability.

Introducing the RAD-Comet

For more advanced and professional network requirements, Intrepid Control Systems offers the RAD-Comet. This product is designed to handle complex automotive networks and offers a broader range of features. The RAD-Comet supports two CAN FD networks, a 100BASE-T1 Network, and a 10BASE-T1S Network. Similar to the RAD-Meteor, it connects to a host computer via either USB or standard Ethernet (100BASE-TX). The RAD-Comet acts as a receiver for automotive data transmitted by the RAD-Meteor and displays this data through the Vehicle Spy software. This powerful combination enables users to monitor and analyze automotive Ethernet traffic seamlessly. With status registers and additional features, the Vehicle Spy software provides valuable insights into the network’s performance and stability.

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