10BASE-T1S Automotive Ethernet Interfaces with PLCA Bus Monitoring, and Symbol Capture

January 17, 2024

RAD-Comet 2 goes beyond by introducing dual 10BASE-T1S channels. Additionally, it incorporates low-level PLCA (Physical Layer Collision Avoidance) bus monitoring and captures all bus symbols allowing you to decode and search 10BASE-T1S symbols directly in Vehicle Spy.


The RAD-Comet 2 is a versatile device for developing and testing 10BASE-T1S communication in automotive systems. It can be configured and used to simulate a node on a 10BASE-T1S network as well as capture and analyze 10BASE-T1S traffic simultaneously with other vehicle networks. All Ethernet and CAN traffic are timestamped precisely for logging or analysis in Vehicle Spy software.

When configured as a media converter, the RAD Comet can bridge between any of its 3 Ethernet physical layers. This is useful for connecting a PC to an Automotive Ethernet device for observing network activity in Wireshark or Vehicle Spy. It is also useful for integrating a 10BASE-T1S device or network into a 100/1000BASE-T1 network.


Product Features:

  • Time Synchronization
    • gPTP Time Synchronization using 100/1000BASE-T1 or 100/1000BASE-T
    • Intrepid Time Sync (ITS) with other Intrepid products
  • OPEN Alliance TC10 Sleep and Wakeup (100/1000BASE-T1)
  • MACsec Encryption Support (100/1000BASE-T1)  
  • Device power Connections
  • DB9 connector for reliable in-vehicle use
  • Convenient barrel jack for bench use
  • Status LEDs
    • Network status and activity
    • T1 and T1S SQI indication
    • T1S PLCA Status
  • PC Connectivity
    • Data connection via USB 3 or Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T)
    • Compatibility with Vehicle Spy and Wireshark
    • Open-Source Intrepid API for direct network access in Windows or Linux applications.

Low Cost Device for Interacting with 10BASE-T1S Networks

Intrepid’s RAD-Meteor is a cost effective means to add a 10BASE-T1S (IEEE Std 802.3cg) port to your computer using USB. In addition to monitoring 10BASE-T1S traffic as if it were a standard Ethernet port, the RAD-Meteor network adapter supports the test modes and wave forms required to test the 10BASE-T1S network. RAD-Meteor also has a built-in full color display to view network activity and monitor the 10BASE-T1S status registers.


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