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Intrepid Control Systems to Unveil Cost Saving AMD-Based Platform for Connected Vehicles at CES 2024


December 11, 2023

Troy, Mich., December 11, 2023 – To help vehicle OEMs affordably and quickly connect their vehicles to the cloud and capture real-world data in software-defined vehicles and ADAS / autonomous systems, Intrepid Control Systems will introduce its new neoVI CONNECT™ edge connect platform at CES 2024. Enabling data capture for fleet management, testing and validation with edge computation, remote diagnostics, and over-the-air (OTA) software updates, this inventive technology provides a practical solution for low volume series production – saving OEMs millions of dollars in future production costs.

“The neoVI CONNECT platform was created through engagement with a customer, one of the world’s largest vehicle OEMs, who was using our existing neoVI Cloud wireless data logger for fleet management on a low volume vehicle and found it was exactly what they needed for series production with low-to-no development costs,” said Dave Robins, CEO of Intrepid Control Systems. “From that, we developed the expanded neoVI CONNECT to deliver a significant cost savings platform for the entire auto industry, as Intrepid’s development costs are shared with its customers, which consist of all electric vehicle OEMs in the US and most of the world’s ICE OEMs.”

The neoVI CONNECT platform goes beyond the conventional concept of data logging technology by serving as a robust and adaptable foundation that seamlessly integrates application and service functions for vehicle manufacturers and service providers. It enables users to manage fleets, create an ECU simulator, develop a gateway solution, test vehicles, and capture data with an all-in-one, production-ready device.

It is engineered to meet or exceed OEM series production ECU requirements for electromagnetic capability, environmental durability and reliability and is housed in a ruggedized IP67 enclosure using automotive connection systems with compact packaging, allowing permanent vehicle installation.

Designed for ease of client integration, the neoVI CONNECT platform is centered around silicon from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and runs Intrepid’s Wireless neoVI (WIVI) cloud client software, which is a market-proven solution for cloud-based vehicle testing and development that provides big data analysis and dashboards. Intrepid is a partner of both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Verizon to enable this reliable end-to-end solution. 

Running on AWS, the WIVI cloud software can optionally run on private OEM servers. The WIVI client runs on OEM hardware and is available for licensing for OEMs or Tier1s who are looking to make their connected vehicle plans happen now without large development cost or risk.

To see a demonstration and learn more about the features and benefits of the neoVI CONNECT, as well as explore Intrepid’s comprehensive suite of tools for software-defined vehicles and zonal architectures, visit Intrepid Control Systems at CES booth #3666 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall.

About Intrepid Control Systems

Intrepid Control Systems (https://intrepidcs.com) has been thriving for over 30 years, producing advanced hardware and software tools for engineers in vehicle autonomy, connectivity, automotive Ethernet and embedded engineering. Its customers include many of the global automakers and major tier one suppliers working on autonomous and connected vehicles. Headquartered in metro Detroit, Intrepid has offices in the United States, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, India, Korea and Australia for direct sales and customer support (intrepidcs.com/sales).

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