What‘s new in Vehicle Spy 3 (Intrepid Tech Day ’22)

May 31, 2022

Deep dive into our latest release, new network support, video logging performance improvements, virtual ECU testing, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) framework, subscription-based licensing, and more!

New Protocol and Technology Support: Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C), Automotive Audio Bus® (A2B), Wireless Battery Management System (wBMS), SOME/IP, AUTOSAR support, and more. 

Powerful Data Logging: Configure your logger to capture DoIP data directly to your Intrepid device’s internal storage without connecting to a laptop. Dynamically switch to correct parameters for the software version that is in the ECU. Use CCP/XCP protocol for calibration with multiple software version checks of the A2L files and EPK. 

ECU Flasher Improvement: Our most powerful ECU Flash Designer and Flash Manager View added a transport layer for DoIP and SoAD. Flasher View will allow engineers to configure and flash multiple ECUs simultaneously through the vehicle’s CGM using Vehicle Spy. This feature is not limited to vehicles; it can also be used on other test properties that use a CGM as part of their setup.

OEM Tool Authentication: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) framework support in Vehicle Spy 3 allows you to exchange, verify and authenticate digital certificates between client and server to secure your ECU access. 

Virtual ECU Testing and Validation Support: Remove the guesswork from new development and mimic the behavior of your real ECUs with the help of Vehicle Spy 3. Vehicle Spy 3 as “Software-tester-in-loop” allowed us to identify potential issues beforehand and optimize ECUs without having access to one. We support CAN, CAN FD, LIN, and Ethernet.

Coming Soon – New Subscription-Based Licensing Type: New flexible license file designed for companies with a large number of Vehicle Spy 3 users. Allows teams to share hardware, monitor usage easily, and be available to use anywhere on a network and not just tied to specific machines. Please reach out to us if you like to try the pre-release version of the subscription-based license.

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