Vehicle Spy Runtime (VS3 EXE)



VS3 EXE (Vehicle Spy Runtime) software allows you to load and run Vehicle Spy setup files without purchasing a full version of the program.

As shown in the image below, a Vehicle Spy Professional expert can create a VS3 EXE file and distribute it to multiple users. The VS3 EXE users can run the file as the expert designed it, but cannot change it in any way. This makes executing complex tasks simple for non-experts while preventing unwanted or accidental modifications.

Vehicle Spy Runtime Workflow

VS3 EXE users can perform preconfigured tests, and collect and monitor data. They have access to many data views and screens found in the full version of Vehicle Spy, including the powerful Graphical Panels feature. VS3 EXE is perfect for end-of-line test applications, and other scenarios where end users do not need to modify test procedures.

VS3 EXE runs only special Vehicle Spy setup files called .VS3EXE files, which can be generated with Vehicle Spy Professional. These .VS3EXE files are encrypted and secure, making it possible to distribute them without sharing full .VS3 files that may contain proprietary intellectual property.

The following views are available in VS3 EXE:

  • Messages View
  • Graphical Panels
  • Floating Graphical Panels
  • Signal Plot
  • Signal List
  • MEP Values Editor
  • MEP Curves Editor
  • MEP Maps Editor

Most other features are available by providing access and control via a Graphical Panel — this maintains security and avoids tampering with the intended configuration.

Each VS3 EXE purchase provides a single license that is locked to a specific PC.


PC System Requirements

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